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This is hands down my favorite fragrance! I've been using it in lotion bars for a few years now, and people love this fragrance! I'm really not sure why I haven't soaped with it till now, but for some reason I didn't. Well, I finally made cp soap with it and didn't have one ounce of trouble, and the soap smells great! Since this one has floral in it (and my recipe doesn't have a high percentage of olive oil) I soaped at LOW temps. I had plenty of time to get it in the mold. I actually could have done an in-the-pot swirl with the time I had, but I had other plans. If you use this one I would soap at 85-90 degrees. Will definitely use again and again!

Very Cheerful and Uplifting!

I used this in a MP soap and am very please. I wanted something to make me 'wake up' when I'm in the shower and this performed nicely! For me, it discolored clear MP a bit, so I made sure to mix it with some color, but since the batch I was making for myself--I didn't mind. For anyone else, I would mix it with color. I also did a batch where I mixed it with Electric Lemonade for more pop, and wow! It sure did! I would totally buy this again.

I love the scent

I love this scent, is so fresh and sweet that takes you away to a fruits garden covered with lilies, Love it

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Love it!

Everyone loves this scent!its hard to describe, but it's in between a citrus and floral scent.the lily makes it smell so divine!ordering more now!

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This is my Absolute Favorite SMELL!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Fragrance! I am only sorry I wasted 2 years smelling the sample bottle before I decided to add to a body lotion- It was immediate love at 1st smell! I could not get enough. I now make a Body Lotion, Soap, Body Mister and Candle with fragrance. I don't think the Candle throws a strong enough fragrance as it does in the other products,so that will go back to the drawing board til I get it right.