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  • Heather And Hyacinth Fragrance Oil

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Heather and Hyacinth:This fragrance is more Hyacinth than Heather. An unpretentious scent, it doesn't smell much like a floral but rather, smells like a brisk, unisex scent. This scrumptious scent smells like a stroll through the most lovely of proper English gardens. Not only will you fall head over heels in love with it, so will your customers.

Please note that this fragrance accelerates trace in a fairly impressive manner (it's speedy!) so be prepared to pour/glop your soap into the molds quickly!

This fragrance is phthalate free.

Flashpoint: 200ºF +

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Verified Purchase
by Amanda
on 9/10/2015
Strong Floral fragrance
This is one of my favorites. It is strong and it sticks. It is very floral. It does accelerate. Get ready to move after you mix it in!
by Kaye
on 1/23/2015
Heather and Hyacinth
I tried Heather and Hyacinth in a mix of mostly other florals (not my favorite alone) and it is strong and over powering, but had no problems with exceleration even did a hanger swirl. Thought for sure would be a glop it in the mold. Maybe it was the mix of other fragrances or that I used more water than it called for that helped with exceleration.?? Turned out nice anyway.
Verified Purchase
by Linda
on 9/29/2014
Wow! This one moved fast...
Used this fragrance in a CP recipe yesterday. I had barely emptied the bottle into the soap batter before it started to get thick. I wasn't able to pour this into molds so I glopped it into the always-ready AND lined wooden mold. I used lilac high ph lab color and my soap was a beautiful GRAY color. After three hours I peeked and it looks like the lilac morphed into the purple-ish color I was expecting to see. Hoping for a small miracle tonight when I unmold the log. I'm not in love with the fragrance because it smells more like wildflowers rather than a lovely hyacinth so probably won't purchase again. But am glad to check this floral off my "wish" list.
Verified Purchase
by Juliet
on 8/28/2014
love it
I made a small batch of CP soap with it, the scent is very floral and very strong and I love it. It DID accelerate trace impressively though, also got a little ricing. The smell is totally worth those annoyances though
Verified Purchase
by Wendy C
on 7/3/2014
wonderful scent
we use this oil to scent the water for our warm face towels @ Crisafulli Dental and the patients, even the men LOVE IT! This is one oil we can't run out of, we will buy more :)
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