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Pretty disappointed

I received this as a sample from an order I placed sometime ago. I used it today to make a small test batch of soap in the hopes of purchasing a larger bottle. I am glad I only made a small batch of soap because it turned it into soap on a stick. I was really disappointed by this because I really loved to smell.

Loved it

I'm a hater of honeysuckle, so this fragrance was a very pleasant surprise. I love it! In fact, I think this is my favourite right now. It is very upscale, not at all overwhelming. I'm planning an entire line around this because my customers cannot get enough.

Good Honeysuckle

This reminds me of a perfume from the 1970s which was also honeysuckle, but I can't recall what that perfume was. I want to say it was one of those Avon solid perfumes. Anyhow, I made it into a solid perfume and some soap for Christmas gifts this year and my mother-in-law absolutely loves it.

Smells Heavenly

Used 9g in 300g oils; smells just like our N Carolina honeysuckle in springtime. This one is a keeper. My soap did get darker in center but I don't know if that was fragrance (I'm a beginner). I will try not gelling next time.

My customers LOVE this scent!

I can't keep this on my shelf! The most popular scent so far, I love the scent myself to. It takes to the soap wonderfully and keeps the scent all the way to the end of the soap. It works wonders in Shampoos and also Shower gels too! Can't say enough good about this one!