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  • Heavenly Honeysuckle Fragrance Oil

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Heavenly Honeysuckle Fragrance Oil: This fragrance was inspired by Kim Kardashian's Signature Purple Perfume. The sweet floral aroma of this fragrance really stands out and holds up well even in cold process soap. Notes of tuberose, nectarine, and cherry are picked up on first impression. However, the middle notes of honeysuckle, jasmine, and rose quickly make their appearance.  The base notes of sandalwood and musk give this fragrance a calming foundation. Try this fragrance in a luxurious bodywash, relaxing candle, or massage oil if you're looking for a nice strong floral scent.

Performance In Cold Process Soap: This fragrance accelerates but does not discolor in cold process soap.

Flashpoint: 200ºF+


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by Kim
on 9/28/2015
Jasmine . . . into Honeysuckle
This is a very floral scent to me . . . the first and pretty much only thing that hits me is jasmine. Very sweet and very strong. I used the medium amount (fragrance calculator) in cp soap and so far it smells good, not overpowering. We'll see what it does once it cures. I'm thinking this would leave a nice sweet scent lingering on the skin after using in the shower. I made a goat milk soap with tussah silk, so into the freezer it went. **Update** Soap has been cut and I have to say that I am extremely pleased. The scent has completely morphed - into a warm, delicious, honeysuckle / sweet pea that I can't quit smelling. So, don't go by the OOB smell, it totally changes. Yum!
by Samantha
on 9/23/2015
Very nice but not floral
Love the scent and it's great to work with but it's not as floral as I thought it would be. It gives my nose that "I've smelled too many perfumes" feeling. But it is a beautiful fragrance and it holds really well.
Verified Purchase
by Amy
on 9/21/2015
Wow- this is strong!
Another reviewer said this was a light scent and it isn't. It is one of the strongest scents I've ever worked with. It does not smell much like a honeysuckle. This smells like perfume...but it smells pretty good as far as that goes. I would buy it again. I used 1.5 oz in 37 oz of oil. This was way too much. Hope this helps someone.
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by Jean L
on 9/17/2015
very potent! Floal scent
Smells more dominantly like Jasmine than honeysuckle because it is a blend of different florals as stated the Jasime scent stands out to me. Very potent use only a little at first
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by jennifer
on 9/15/2015
love love love
I received this as a sample. I used it with a bit of Jasmine EO in my liquid soap, and it is totally divine. I dont like really strong flowery smells, so this is absolutely perfect. I had my boyfriend try it in the shower, and even he loved the smell. Tomorrow I am going to put it in my body butter and try it in a lotion base I bought from BB. its gorgeous! love this scent and I have ordered more!
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