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  • Holiday Candy Fragrance Oil

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Holiday Candy: This fragrance smells just like the Holiday Ribbon candy that you loved as a kid (and probably still sneak at Christmas time!). To up the sophistication quotient of the berries and sugar, this fragrance is toned down with the addition of Rose and Carnation notes. If you're looking for a sweeter holiday fragrance, try this one!

Vanilla Content: .4%

Liquid Castile Testing Notes: We tested this fragrance in our liquid Castile soap base, we recommend making a small test batch just to be sure you like the results. Mixes into the base wonderfully. Goes light yellow in finished soap.

This fragrance is phthalate free.

Flashpoint: 200ºF +

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Verified Purchase
by Marilyn
on 10/29/2015
Love it.
I just this minute finished making CP Christmas soap with this FO. I always love the smell out of the bottle. The problem was that I am a white, red and green person for the holidays and I like fragrance in ALL my swirl colours, I was sceptical to use it since the product description says that it discolours to yellow. So I decided to replace the white with gold (using Gold Sparkle Mica) because I like my whites Lilly white.==And you know what==Did not turn yellow at all. Talk about a happy soaper. Slight acceleration though, but I managed. I did the Circle Swirl in the Heavy Duty Column Mold. and everything looks great thus far. Cannot wait to unmold and cut.===This FO sure is a keeper for me. The smell is divine.
Verified Purchase
by Delores
on 2/25/2014
Great Candy
This scent smells great in the bottle as well as in cold process soap. I should have used more than (3.55 oz. in 35 oz. of soap batter with a temperature below 125 degree) to obtain the same intensity in smell. I am hoping it will slight intensify over time. I did notice a slight acceleration in the soap batter.
Verified Purchase
on 2/18/2014
Pretty Ribbon!
That is what I named my soap using this fragrance. Now I'm not advocating or condoning this, and don't try this at home BUT-- I took a bar of this soap to the shower after only 24 hr. Don't Judge me!! lol I love this fragrance and I think it has been cubby holed into a holiday scent that can go anywhere it wants. At first I felt it smelled like the whole Christmas shoppe but realized it has a wonderful almost incense way about it. That's my take on this fantastic fo. No discolorization and no acceleration. And sticks well in cp! What else do you want?
Verified Purchase
by Kathryn
on 1/5/2014
Excited at first
Made CP soap using the free sample and it turned out beautifully, NO discoloration. Everyone loved the smell and the color of the soap..... decided to buy it and make it again for Valentine's Day. However, this time the FO discolored my soap to a yukky yellow. I don't understand why the sample turned out beautiful and the bottle I purchased turned my soap yellow.
by Amanda
on 11/30/2013
Pretty good fragrance
This fragrance is pretty great in melt and pour but in the bottle when I first smelled it I thought it kinda smelled a little like alcohol or beer like it was very strong but then I tried a bit In my m&p soap and it smelled great. Hope you try it.
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