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It rices in CP so bad

I used this in a batch of CP and it riced so bad, I could hardly save it. I was going to do a 2-color hanger swirl but the split batches would not blend together at all. After giving up, pouring them back together, and blending them for another 5 minutes it finally came together. It's not a total loss though. It still smells really good, and I ended up with a blood orange color.

Sure is honeysuckle!

Not my cup of tea but my customers love it and says it's spot on for a honeysuckle fragrance. I almost bought the Heavenly Honeysuckle but I got a sample of it after I bought this one and I'm so glad I stuck with my gut and got this one. If you're looking for a honeysuckle fragrance this is it, not Heavenly Honeysuckle. I hope this one doesn't get discontinued. Scent stays put in CP.

A great floral honeysuckle scent

I got this fragrance on clearance thinking if it was not a good scent alone, I could probably use in a worries though!! This fragrance is a great honeysuckle that performed beautifully using 2 micas, TD and the natural soap color. Used yellow and green micas with TD for my white as contrast and just the "natural" color of the soap. Had plenty of time for my design and color has not changed in a month!! A great easy-to-work-with fragrance oil!!

Cathie H
True honeysuckle!

I just love this & so do all my friends! We live in honeysuckle country & this fragrance is so like the real thing. I got a sample of the Heavenly Honeysuckle FO for comparison & this is WAY better. HH is nice, but not the pure honeysuckle smell. I've had no issues in CP soap, either with tracing or discoloring.

Great deal!

I've had such excellent luck with Brambleberry's surplus oils that I decided to give this one a try. It's realistic enough and very pleasant, 'though most testers can't identify it as "honeysuckle." I like it best in various blends with fruits and other flowers. At this price, you can afford to experiment! My favorite blend is with grapefruit. In CP soap, the batter didn't accelerate right away - I had some time to work, but not a lot. No ricing or other weirdness, and the curing soap has a nice texture.