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Smells absolutely amazing!!!!

I got this as a sample in my shipment. Im so excited to finally use it today! It smells absolutely phenomenal!!!! I don't know how you did it brambleberry but you mastered the smell!

Need some help with this one...trying to save 8 lbs

I have been soaping for years...I always use products from bramble Berry. This one was to be a new favorite for one of our signature bars. Smelled okay OOB but was a little concerned about the burn it hit me with...I used it in an 8 pound very luxurious recipe. I really want it to work. All I smell is chemicals. It was hot processed and every batch that day is amazing... But this one gives me a headache from the overwhelming chemical smell. Can someone tell me if this fades? I have never had to rebatch but I don't think I can anyway.... I have cut to cure and the smell is really bad. There is just a tinge from chemicals. Is there any chance this will cure out?


I thought it smelled ok straight from the bottle, and thought i detected a bit of a rose scent along with the vanilla and chocolate. I used the recommended amount for a medium strength fragrance. My batch was hot process and the smell was way too intense. I thought that by putting my sliced bars in the oven I could burn off some of the fragrance-they smelled a little better but looked worse. Yikes. Will try again with cold process and use a lesser amount of since my hubs seems to like it. Also caught my dog trying to eat the finished product, so be careful!


I absolutely love this fragrance. I colored it with a little dutch cocoa powder and the soap looks and smells just like a chocolate brownie. I made it for friends and family for Christmas, and they can not get enough of it. In fact, they are already asking me when I'm going to make another batch of it for them.

I wanted to love this

I was very excited to receive this FO and although the OOB smell was overwhelming it was pleasant, however that changed when I used to make bath bombs. Once it was mixed into the BB it had a horrible chemical smell, I tried it twice with varying amounts. I will give it another try when my melt and poor soaps arrive. Until then it seems like this will not be on the re-order list.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Ivory! I'm sorry this fragrance wasn't your favorite. Witch Hazel can have an unpleasant smell at first, but it will fade away in the finished bath bombs. I'll be emailing you personally to help troubleshoot!