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I'm not typically the type of woman that LOVES floral scents, but I really enjoy this the Jasmine Dreams FO. It pairs beautifully with English Rose for a relaxing floral scent. Bonus: Relaxation that doesn't include lavender! (Which my fiance is allergic to.) I look forward to lots of experimenting with this scent. I tried it in bath bombs first, on to CP next!

Love This Fragrance!

I bought this because someone had requested it. I love floral scents and this is one of my favorites. I used it in CP soap with alternate pouring in the mold which gave some nice stripes. Also used it in some bath bombs which have become one of my favorites as well. It did trace pretty quickly, but I still had time to color half and do the swirls.

Gorgeous combination

Jasmine is my absolute favorite fragrant flower, but most bath and body companies get it wrong. This FO is very good but lacks the sweetness of real jasmine blooms. After trying lots of combinations, I found a gold medal winner: 3 parts Jasmine grandiflorum absolute (3% dilution) 2 parts BB's Jasmine Dreams FO 1 part BB's Cherry Almond FO My friends, family, and I can't get enough of it. :-)

Beautiful Scent

This is a gorgeous jasmine that holds well in CP soap. I have made a few large batches with this, and it stays strong. It ashed up a bit on me once, but I was able to rub it off. It isn't a slow-mover, but if you don't soap too hot, it'll give you plenty of time to do something interesting. My favorite is a 3-color hanger swirl, and I have no issues. If you want white, use titanium dioxide. Otherwise, it discolors to dishwater-ish if you add no color. It has no effect if you use other colors at normal usage rates. Overall, absolutely worth buying!

Great Scent but has Pthalates

For those of us who try to avoid would be great if you could post MSDS's on your product pages or offer a list of your pthalate-free FOs. This scent contains pthalates, and that's important to me. I wish I had known it was pthalate-free before buying it; I would have spent my money on a different Brambleberry product instead.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Rachel! This fragrance is indeed phthalate free :) We make sure to label all fragrances that contain phthalates, because we like to give our customers as much information as possible!