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  • Leather Fragrance Oil

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Leather: After numerous customer requests, we finally found the perfect leather fragrance. It smells like a deep and musky, black suede leather jacket- perfect a manly man. The refined leather aroma is evened out with Lemon and Mandarin zest with base notes of patchouli and frankincense. This is a great fragrance for cold process soap. This fragrance smells strongly in the bottle, but it does mellow in soap – give it a try!

Flashpoint: 200+.

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Verified Purchase
by Chantine
on 8/21/2015
Smells exactly like a Wilson's Leather Store
Great scent - it smells like a rough out leather coat after a day outside in the cool fall sunshine. It's amazing, if you like the smell of leather coats. Which I do, so. No problems with trace, scent has lasted through cure process.
by Vickie
on 8/21/2015
nice smell
When sniffing this fragrance there was something familiar about it, maybe from childhood. I liked it but the smell seemed faint. I added Indian Sandalwood with it and it smelled terrific. However, it traced so fast all I could do was manage to plop it into the mold from the spoon.Maybe it was the combination of the two fragrances. I will be prepared next time!
Verified Purchase
by Shelby
on 7/28/2015
I Love Leather
This oil is perfect. It was wonderful straight out of the bottle and even after 6 weeks of cure. The folks who received it from me loved it also. They are "horsey" people as I am. It did accelerate a little, but that was my second batch of cp. I may do better with it now with a little more experience. Thank you for you superb products, and wonderful customer service.
Verified Purchase
by Staci
on 7/17/2015
I read the reviews on this leather and so I was anxious to smell it. This smells exactly like leather. Such a wonderful scent. I will defiantly purchase this again as my husband loves it as much as I do and we will not only use this in soap, but also to scent the house, cars, laundry, and more.
Verified Purchase
by Natalie
on 7/16/2015
Sorry, BB, this is not your best! For potential buyers: you'll have to decide for yourself if this is really leather smelling, but let me be very clear that in no way does it smell like saddle or boot leather, so if you are going for that type of scent, this is not it! Here's how it went: -Got the bottle yesterday. Smell out of the bottle was "ehhhh". A little like leather, but definitely chemical-smelling. But, given the reviews (a lot say not great in the bottle, but better in the soap), I gave it a go this morning. -Mixed the FO with my warmed superfatting oil before adding to the pot at light trace (no other additives). The mixture riced immediately and thickened tremendously while trying to SB the lumps out. -Molded it anyways and one hour later, the soap was oozing icky stuff and the house smelled like a cheap furniture store (emphasis on CHEAP!). -End result: 4lb loaf in the trash, house still stinks like leather-esque chemicals. No good!

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Natalie! I'm sorry you didn't like this fragrance and had troubles soaping with it. We love the Leather Fragrance Oil and found it to be a true "leather jacket" type scent. RIFM safety rules have prohibited the best smelling chemical for a true leather so in order to ensure full safety for our customers, our leather fragrance is more of that jacket scent than boot or saddle leather. If you do get a boot leather fragrance be sure to request a full IFRA/RIFM skin safety data sheet, especially for categories 5 and 9. We found it to behave beautifully in cold process soap as well as seen in our Man Soap with Tamanu Oil tutorial. While ricing is usually caused by the fragrance, it can be a temperature problem and, of course, stick blending the bumps out will always result in an extremely thick trace. To learn more about ricing/seizure check out our Soapy Mess-Up Quick Guide.

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