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Leather: After numerous customer requests, we finally found the perfect leather fragrance. It smells like a deep and musky, black suede leather jacket- perfect a manly man. The refined leather aroma is evened out with Lemon and Mandarin zest with base notes of patchouli and frankincense. This is a great fragrance for cold process soap. This fragrance smells strongly in the bottle, but it does mellow in soap – give it a try!

Flashpoint: 200+.

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by Marie
on 6/5/2014
Great to soap with.
This scent reminds me of being out in the barn & cleaning saddles. Used in CP soap, stunk up my whole entire kitchen for a good day, thank goodness I was the only one in the household when I soaped or everyone would have complained. Holds up incredibly well in my soap, hasn't faded a bit! Not a great seller though at all, everyone turns there nose up at it. Didn't notice any acceleration.
by Danna
on 5/23/2014
Still A Little Unsure...
I used this FO in a goat milk recipe. I'm a little unsure how I feel about it because my soap is sweating something awful! I made a 2nd goat milk batch the exact same night using the Chocolate Espresso, and I was able to cut the Chocolate Espresso soap the next day while the Leather soap sat in the mold for 4 days and was still soft. And 3 weeks later, it is still sweating awfully bad. I think I will need to try it out in one of my cocoa butter recipes to see how it behaves. Like others have said, it does indeed smell very chemically for about the first 2 weeks, but it certainly mellows out. So don't panic. So for now I'm giving it a 4. Smells good, but my soap is sweating really bad. I think I'm going to have to cut those bars up and use them as embeds. Or something.
by Gina
on 5/11/2014
Smell is Spot-On But Moves Fast
This moved pretty quickly for me and heated up FAST. After 4 week cure, the smell is dead-on leather and is still very strong. It did ash up on me a bit despite a strong gel (it heated up fast), but nothing I couldn't exfoliate off. Haven't put it on the shelves yet, but if it sells well, I will certainly buy more. If you think you have a market for this, it's well worth a try.
by Pat
on 4/17/2014
You did not lie!
When I was just a young girl I hung out in a leather shop. Opening this bottle took me back there. ♥ it! If I still love it as much when soap is cured I will order a big bottle. I used it 50/50 with sensuous sandlewood scenting separately the 2 colors I swirled. Very manly in the motorcycle mold.
by Belinda
on 3/17/2014
I was looking for a leather/manly kinda scent to take to an event where leather takes a high profile. This is totally the ticket! My biker friend loves it and the women who have tried it are loving it too! It doesn't smell like leather in bottle, just soap with it and let it develop. No discoloration and no acceleration.
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