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  • Lettuce Fragrance Oil

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Lettuce: Crisp and clean and everything green, this scent works great in CP soap for a light fresh fragrance. Hugely popular with our customers, it's a year-round favorite. In fact, one of our customers proclaimed it her "all time favorite." Try some today and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how good romaine and iceburg can smell!

NOTE: This medium-flashpoint oil (178ºF) cannot ship via USPS regardless of the shipping method you choose at checkout.

Performance in Cold Process Soap: This fragrance can rice and accelerate, so choose a slow moving recipe. It does not cause any discoloration.

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by Tricia
on 10/21/2015
Don't Judge a Scent By the Bottle!
I was gifted a bunch of oils (and other supplies) from a friend who isn't soaping anymore. I HATED Lettuce and Grass Stain when smelling them from the bottle but, I figured that if I was going to mess up a soap with an ugly fragrance, I should do it early on and not wait till later. I used .5 oz each of two earthy/musky scents to give a solid foundation to the sky high notes in the .25 oz each of Lettuce and Grass Stain. It worked out really well! I have 2 pounds of CP soap with a surprisingly floral, perfume scent reminiscent of the 40's. It is pretty strong still, 3 weeks into the cure so, I probably could have scented 3-4 pounds of soap with the same amount of fragrance but, I am very surprised and happy about how these two "terrible" fragrances made a pretty awesome soap! :)
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by Jennifer
on 8/12/2015
Who knew?
I am shocked to say, this is a huge hit with my customers. I waited months to make this in a CP because I was undecided if people would like it enough to buy it. It preformed perfectly in CP, no acceleration or discoloration. It has a sweet, green and slightly floral scent. I'm still on the fence about the scent but if it sells... who am I to question it :) Looks like I'll be ordering more of this one.
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by Scott
on 5/31/2015
Good but flowery
I was hoping for more of a "vegetable" smell but this leans on the flowery side of plants. Still not a bad smell. Didn't discolor my CP soap but did accelerate a little.
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by Barb
on 2/8/2015
Great Scent!
I really liked this FO the day I got it and use it with another FO and liked it even better. I LOVED the fact that it didn't brown. I am sick of FO that change the color and trace really fast. So much so that I wouldn't buy any thing that has vanilla in it. But this FO did not change the color! Hooray!!! It did trace a little fast, but you can sill work with it. I would suggest to only have two to three colors, instead of 5 or 6.
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by Judy
on 1/15/2015
I love this fragrance oil!
I tried this fragrance oil for the first time in a Mantra Swirl soap. It appeared to accelerate trace so I was unable to successfully complete the swirl. However since I love the fragrance, I just ordered it to try again!
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