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Morphs over time

This FO is a bit tricky to work with. You need to work fast. I add it to my oils and blend before I add my lye. Then mix just till emulsified and pour. It's workable, though not fun. I made a couple of batches last year. Smelled great until it had aged 3 to 4 months (in general, florals aren't fast movers at my markets). It loses some of the lovely floral and becomes a bit plasticy. And then, of course, sales REALLY slow down. I was told by someone on a soap making group to try using less to start with. So, will try a batch this spring backing off on the amount used. It's great for the first few months.

Wonderful scent, moves quickly in CP

I love this true-to-life scent it as takes me back to growing up in Upstate NY where our lilac bushes were the highlight of early summer. It does move very quickly in CP soap. That said, it actually helped me do my best ombre yet! I divided my batter into 5 equal portions, colored each with desired color, then added 1/5th of fragrance to only the layer I was working with. I poured quickly and it was pretty set in 1 min and ready for the next layer. Turned out beautifully! Scent stays strong and usage was at great at the medium recommendation on the Bramble Berry fragrance calculator. By the way, thank you, Bramble Berry for that resource! I would highly recommend this fragrance for layers or solid color and am getting ready to order more.

Joeana M.
If you love lilacs this is for you. ❤️

I love the smell of real lilacs & this delivers. We purchased it to make bath bombs & I know it's going to be a hit. If your on the fence about this don't be it's fantastic!

They weren't moves fast!!!

I agree with all of the other reviews... this fragrance is amazing but does move very fast. In my experience swirls would not have been an option. To get around it what I did was planned a pattern that was layered. I had light lavender on the bottom, then dark lavender and then white. I mixed the colors first and added the fragrance into each color right before I poured that color. I had about 10 seconds after i put the fragrance in until it was getting really thick. I stirred really fast and then poured it in, by the time I had that color in the mold it was hard. I only did a 3 lbs batch...I don't think you could do a really big mold of this in time. Then I did the same thing with the next color and so on. It looked like it may have started to rice as I was pouring it in...but i just went with it because trying to fix that would have been a disaster. It smelled amazing and I am hoping that it comes out ok. We will see! Definitely worth a try for the smell...very authentic

Excellent scent/poor acting in CP and Lotion

This scent is awesome however I will probably not buy it again. While using it in CP it riced and accelerated very quickly which resulted in needing to re-batch. However my Goats Milk Lotion is my specialty and I used it in my lotion and my customers loved it but after a few weeks it discolored the lotion from white to a an off white, lgt tan color. Is this normal and is it OK for my customers to still use? The lotion still smells wonderful and it does not seem to hurt the lotion but I want to make sure it is safe and if this is normal? Lilac essential oil does not disscolor the lotion.