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Lilac: We had our Lilac formulated to make it the most realistic that we could find. This lilac really sticks in CP soap, unlike most lilac scents. It is a magnificent light floral scent that is sure to prove a best seller for you.
Quickly thickens liquid soap clouds then finishes honey colored.

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This fragrance contains phthalates.

Flashpoint: 200ºF +

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by Vicki
on 3/31/2014
Spot on Lilac!
This fragrance smells EXACTLY like real lilacs. It is not at all overpowering or overly sweet like some florals can be. I agree with the previous reviewer...I had NO issues with seizing, ricing OR acceleration at all! In fact I wanted to attempt a more intricate design was afraid to based on previous reviews and now I'm sorry I didn't. I ended up just doing an in the mold spoon swirl. I, also, soaped at room temp using full water and had no issues, came out beautiful. One thing I would note is that I did go with Brambleberrys recommendation and used the smallest amount for a light scent. I think it came out perfect!
by Shelly
on 3/31/2014
Don't be afraid to use this in CP Soap
When I read reviews for Bramble Berry's Lilac, I was terrified. Almost everyone said this accelerated very quickly. One user even said that it should not be used in cp soap.....yikes!!! When I made my 3 batches of Lilac soap, I was well prepared. I colored the majority of the soap purple, before I added the fragrance. I also soaped at 80 degrees and I reserved a small portion for the top, which remained unscented. I hesitantly whisked in the Lilac fragrance oil, terrified that it would seize on me, but all was good. I had plenty of time to put it in the mold without the slightest hint of seizing or accelerating. Whew! I then took my unscented portion, added some pink to it and had a lovely pinkish purple color for the top, which I had plenty of time to play with and make pretty! This fragrance smells terrific! Go ahead, use it in CP soap!!!
on 3/5/2014
This fragrance smells fantastic and just the lilac bushes on the old ranch. DO NOT EVEN THINK to scent CP soap with this fragrance! It moves ( like and Indy event), it rices and you name it! BUT..... The fragrance makes an amazingly fragrant soy candle, hard lotion bars, body butters, etc. I had read the reviews but I decided to take a chance on it in CP. I did glop it into my molds and the house smells like spring in a bottle! I will still use and keep the soaps for myself and I'm sure the molded soap will be very interesting to look at. I topped it off with Bordeaux mica!
by Melissa
on 2/13/2014
Very Nice!
This was included in the BB Fragrance sampler. I used in Goat Milk M&P. It reminded of the huge lilac bush that we had in our yard where I grew up. Very nostalgic and lovely scent. I'm back to buy a larger bottle of it.
by Michelle
on 1/24/2014
Lovely lilac smell but FAST!
Just as previous reviewers have stated, this is a lovely, realistic lilac scent but boy, does it move fast!! I barely got it in my mold and I didn't try anything fancy so be ready to pour immediately!!!
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