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How to I pour?

I thought this was coming Ina jar, but it came in a bag with a pour spout, am I able to melt and pour what I need and let the rest harden multiple times?

All I Could Taste...

I bought this extremely excited to start making a lip balm for my store. I tried it and I followed the recipe as instructed. The end product was no flavor and no scent. Just 100% lip balm base. Not sure what I did wrong. I wanted to have lemon and orange with a hint of mint lip balms. Reply from Bramble Berry Hi Raechel! I’m sorry to hear that the scent and flavor did not come through in your lip balm. Something to keep in mind is that Flavoring Oils ironically do not actually give your lip balm flavor, but instead are fragrances that are lip safe. So they give your balm scent, but no taste. In order to give your lip balm taste, you need to add a sweetener such as Stevia or the Lip Smacking Sweet Flavor Oil in combination with a Flavor Oil. To learn more about Flavoring Oils, you might find this blog post all about Lip Flavors helpful!

Elizabeth Day
Number One Lip Balm

I have never come across a lip balm ANYWHERE which remains perfect. It never becomes dried out or rancid - it remains in the same state as when I received it which was more than five years ago! Didn't even do anything to it as I preferred it to anything else I owned. Thanks so much for the superior quality.

Slam dunk every time.

I have used this base a few times and am in love! We have used classic peppermint, peppermint/rose, grapefruit, bergamot and lavender oils to flavor it and they have all turned out really nicely. Maybe someday I'll work up the nerve to make it from scratch. But then again why take the risk when there is such a lovely base to make it so easy.