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Liquid Silk - Our liquid silk is simply silk amino acids dissolved in water. It's easy to add just that special touch to your products with a usage rate of 5% in lotions and soap.  Since the liquid silk is already dissolved, there's no special dissolving procedures involved when using this product.

Botanical Name:  Aqua/Eau/Water, Silk Amino Acids, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Sodium Benzoate
Common Name:   Hydrolyzed Silk Water


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Verified Purchase
by Vicki
on 11/15/2015
Too expensive!
At a usage rate of 5% this product is just way too expensive to be cost effective. I tried a 1 oz. bottle since one reviewer stated she noticed a difference in her soaps using just one teaspoon per 5 # batch. I did not notice a difference at all using such a small amount. I think purchasing the Tussah silk fibers and taking the extra step of dissolving them in my lye solution would be the better way to go and will be the next thing I try. Sorry, but I just don't think this is worth the money, at least not in cold process soap anyway.
Verified Purchase
by Marcie
on 8/15/2015
Didn't feel it
I used this at 1% in my lotion recipe and then applied my lotion without it on the right side and my new batch with it on the left side (for many days several times a day) and could not tell the difference in the feel of my skin, the look of my skin or in the application itself. This product gets rave reviews. Perhaps 1% is not enough in lotion? For the cost, I would need to really feel the difference to justify the purchase. Not the magic I had expected.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Marcie! I'm sorry you didn't notice a difference in your lotion after using this product. We love our Liquid Silk and the extra silkiness it adds to both lotions and soaps! You can use it up to 5% in lotions so you may get more noticeable results if you up your usage.

Verified Purchase
by Stephanie M
on 3/13/2015
Love it!
I use this in my hair conditioner and absolutely love it. It really helps to make my hair feel silky. I used to not use it and since I started adding it I have really noticed a difference. Seriously people you have got to try this!
Verified Purchase
by amanda
on 11/29/2014
Perfect soap!
If you want to take your soaps up a notch and have them feel "professional" order some of this! I used a teaspoon in my five pound batch of pumpkin soap. I will be back to update to let you guys know how it works in my goats milk lotion! <3 adore BB! WOW, yes this really did make my soap feel like silk. Never will i make soap without this product! going to have to order a bigger bottle now. will put a little in my lotion as well and see how that goes.
by Amir
on 12/6/2013
Can liquid silk be used in a lip balm?
I was reading about the great moisturizing qualities of liquid silk. Can this product be used in a lip balm. is it safe it ingest? I see that it is created by dissolving silk amino acids in water, will adding this water based product to my balm force me to have to use a antioxidant?

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Amir, Unfortunately you cannot use Liquid Silk in lip balms because the silk is water based and lip balm bases are typically oil based. If you wanted to combine the two, you'd have to add an emulsifier and then at that point you'd technically have a lotion!

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