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Smells Amazing!!!

When I opened up the package, I immediately smelled something so fruity/floral/sweet, and I thought something might have leaked (nothing did). Once I opened this scent, I knew thats where the smell came from. I have no idea what Love Spell actually smells like so i cant compare. But THIS smells amazing. My younger brother even came in the room and commented how good it smelled!

Great scent

Smell is wonderful! I color the batch a purple to keep the discoloration from coming through. The smell is so true to LoveSpell.

Not My Favorite :/

I got this for my bath bombs, and I'm a huge fan of Love Spell! The scent was definitely similar to Love Spell, but it was really strong and "fake" to me. The rim around the lid was also covered in a weird gel like substance when I opened up the box, so I'm not sure if I just got a bad batch... I'll use it up, probably halfing what I normally do for my recipes, but I don't think I'll be repurchasing.

turns EVERYTHING yellow!

I love the scent of this, and I have gotten great reviews from my customers about the scent itself, but it unfortunately turns EVERYTHING I but it in yellow. I know that the description says it eventually discolors to a yellow, but it immediately discolors every batch right after I take it out of the mold. is there ANY way to stop this?!


I don't know how many times I have ordered this scent ! But anything I put it in is loved by ally customers !I can't keep it on the shelf .I have it in everything c/p bath bombs , it doesn't matter.I am working on a cleaning soap to because the smell is so clean , and crisp. I have requisites so I guess I will give a try next.