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Great strong scent!

Just made CP soap with this a couple weeks ago in my 2nd beer soap and I love it! It is a nice strong scent. It does accelerate but I expected it so I had a very simple design. I used an oatmeal stout beer and goat milk, couldn't be happier!

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Love this one!

I made my first beer soap with this one, and absolutely love it. It's a great fall/winter scent, warm with nutty hints and ever-so-slightly sweet. The scent rather noticeably mellows out in the process, making it less sweet smelling and more full-bodied and subtle notes in the finished soap than straight out of the bottle (though I love the scent out of the bottle, too!). The discolor complemented the dark stout that I used for that batch. I can't wait to use it and have friends/family/customers using it!

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Bad Cookies?

Not at all what we were expecting. Have to find something that will blend this with or toss it. My wife can 't even stand to have the cap off of it.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Wayne! I'm sorry you this fragrance was not what you were expecting. We love the creamy sweetness of the Oatmeal Stout Fragrance Oil, a wonderful addition to any beer soap! If you're looking for blending ideas you may try mixing it with Pure Honey Fragrance Oil, Espresso Fragrance Oil, Cinnamon Sticks Fragrance Oil.

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I adore this fragrance! I made a beer soap with a good oatmeal stout beer and used for fragrance! It is so dang good. Creamy and warm with a touch of orange that definitely comes through! Love it!

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OMG, this is an awesome fragrance

I soaped (cp) with this recently and it smells so wonderful. My batter was already getting thick on me and I knew it would discolor so I just added the fragrance. It turned out great! Love it!