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  • Passionfruit Rose Fragrance And Flavor Oil

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Passionfruit Rose: Passionfruit Rose is an exotic floral that is ideal for refreshing the long hot days of summer. Crisp, sweet, and modern, this fragrance can be used in anything from cold process soap to lip balm! We first encountered it as a lip flavor, but fell so in love with it that we decided to try it in other products as well. Holds up marvelously in CP soap with light discoloration. It will accelerate the trace slightly. As cool and tropical as a tall iced mimosa, this scent will instantly remind you of warm, windy Hawaiian nights. Take a trip today!

NOTE: This fragrance is quite strong in the bottle. Please use a little in product first to decide whether you'll like it!

Vanilla Content: .8%

Flashpoint: 200ºF +

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by cesar
on 3/11/2015
Passionfruit Rose
i love the smell but i need to know if this oil is edible?

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Cesar! I'm so glad you love the smell of our Passionfruit Rose Fragrance And Flavor Oil! While this fragrance and flavor oil is safe to use in lip balm and other lip products it is not edible and should not be ingested. I will email you personally to discuss this further.

by Belle
on 3/9/2015
Can I use it in lip scrub?
Hi bramble berry! Do you recommend using this fragrance/flavoring oil in lip scrub?

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Belle! You can definitely use our Passionfruit Rose Fragrance And Flavor Oil in a lip scrub! I will email you personally to discuss this further.

by Christina
on 3/8/2015
Usage rates in Lip Balm?
Great smell! But I have no idea how much to use in my lip balm? How much do I use per 1oz. I know most places recommend 0.5-3% but what is it for this flavor oil? Thank you
by Marilyn
on 2/20/2015
So surprised!
I only looked at this fragrance/flavoring oil because of the high reviews. The concept of the scent seemed so weird to me, but it had such high reviews I thought I would try it. BEST. (FO) DECISION.EVER! It is as wonderful as the reviews promised! When I smell it, I imagine a large bowl of fresh tropical fruit. Not fake and sticky sweet, but fresh and realistic fruit. And scattered amongst the fruit bowl are gorgeous hot pink fresh roses. Again, fresh rose scent! You get both fruity and fresh rose scents at the same time and it is a heavenly combination! I love it! If you are wondering, should I order it, the answer is yes! I will be reordering it! So far I have used it in balm base, with and without additional oils for hand balm and solid perfume. I will definitely be creating soap and ordering more!
by amira
on 1/26/2015
A very unique scent. It's is not my personal fav but people love it! My family and clients. I use it in candles, lotion, and lip balm. I still would like to make soap with it. Tried once and it was a lumpy mess. I will try again without any designs because people love it so much

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Amira!  I'm so glad everyone loves the Passionfruit Rose Fragrance and Flavor Oils and the products you make with it.   Because of the clove notes, it can accelerate in cold process soap. To help slow this down, take 1 oz. (basically equal amounts of fragrance oil to fixed oil) liquid oil out of your recipe and heat it up to 100 degrees. Then, add your fragrance into this oil. This simply dilutes the fragrance oil’s initial acceleration. You can also add the oil/fragrance mixture earlier than usual. Rather than adding the fragrance at a thick trace, you can add it at the first sign of thin trace. Always hand stir the fragrance/oil mixture in with a fork/ladle and never, ever use a hand blender for problem oils. Lastly, raise your temperatures to about 110 to 115 degrees. This will help to keep your mixture more liquid than at a lower temperature.  If it does start to rice you can try using your stick blender to help smooth the soap out as seen in the Soap Behaving Badly blog post. I'll be emailing you personally to discuss this issue!

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