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  • Soapy Clean Fragrance Oil

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Soapy Clean: This fragrance was one of our best sellers in 2003. It's a clean, unisex scent that smells just like fresh laundry or very close to the ultra-pricey 'Clean' fragrance. This fragrance lasts wonderfully in cold process soap and does not mutate, discolor or fade. It's a wonderful neutral fragrance that smells like you've just taken shower and are all squeaky clean. Many customers have told us this smells like "Tone" soap as well!

NOTE: This fragrance does accelerate trace in cold process soaps.

Vanilla Content: .9%

Flashpoint: 200ºF +

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Verified Purchase
by Rachel
on 8/3/2015
Smells Great
Perfect for that clean laundry scent. Stays well in CP Soap
Verified Purchase
by Cathy
on 7/20/2015
This is a great fragrance - it smells so fresh! Scent lasts well in CP soap beautifully. However, I caution you to read the warning that it accelerates trace, because boy does it ever! I was prepared for some thickening, but not what I got - which was like very thick pudding in about 15 seconds of stick blending (and I soaped at room temp). The soap was not totally ruined but I couldn't do any swirls. If you buy this, be prepared and have all your stuff ready before adding the FO - it goes FAST!
Verified Purchase
by Wendy
on 7/1/2015
Customers ask for it by name!
I absolutely LOVE this fragrance. Its very clean and fresh. Not like baby powder, I do not care for baby powder and this is nothing of the such.....It smells like fresh laundry and fresh mountain air, just wonderfully clean :) I have customers ask for this by name, they love it so much. I have both male and female that love this and I personally use it as well and it's wonderful! This fragrance does accelerate trace very quickly, even with a higher water discount at 38%. So for you experienced soapers, I would not recommend using anything lower than 38%. I normally soap at 33-35% and thank goodness I had read the reviews before using this and was expecting a fast trace, but this was super fast even at 38% water discount. But LOVE it and will continue to buy it as long as Bramble Berry offers it. Wonderful fragrance oil!
Verified Purchase
by Suzy
on 6/30/2015
soapy clean
I LOVE the fragrance but it did trace too quickly for me as I usually make big batches. It taught me, first of all to read the reviews and be prepared, and also taught me how to rebatch in an emergency situation. I think I lost about 1/4th of the soap because it traced so quickly. My fault. Was a real learning curve.
Verified Purchase
on 5/24/2015
Moves Fast!
I've had this fragrance for awhile now, decided to use it today. Wish I'd have re-read the part that says "NOTE: This fragrance does accelerate trace in cold process soaps". I soap room temperature and it moved pretty fast. I think it smells more like baby powder. Husband loves the fragrance, me...I hope it mellows out some.
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