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Sodium Hydroxide Lye
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Sodium Hydroxide: LYE - for Soap Making. Sodium Hydroxide, or Lye, is the chemical that induces saponification with fats and oils to create that magnificent thing called soap! Our lye is now in flake form! This is a huge improvement because they don't cling to you and your tools due to static electricity like the pellets do. The flakes are a little less pure (97% instead of 99%) but this small variation does not make a difference in soap recipes and saponification rates.Please be sure to educate yourself on the safety precautions and proper handling of Lye before using this ingredient. Our Lye is 32 oz. by volume and 27 oz. by weight.

How much lye do you need for your soap? Try our lye calculator.

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by Valencia
on 4/7/2014
First time soaper and my soap came out great. Of course i used the bb lye calculator so that helped.
by Becky
on 4/4/2014
I have been making goats milk soap using the flakes, no problems at all just stir the frozen milk & lye with a slotted spoon and it's easy to tell when all the lye has melted.
by amanda
on 3/23/2014
we will see
ok so i can now give a better review. I have now used this lye in water and in milk. I noticed that it dissolves like a DREAM in water i mean it is so nice to work with, but in milk well that is a different story. I noticed it took FOREVER to dissolve in the milk and i felt that i hadn't truly dissolved all of it so i used a strainer to catch any undissolved bits of lye. I am glad i did that because i got about a tablespoon on lye specs. Now my soaps still came out GREAT, but i would like to know why this is? is it the sugars in the milk that make it harder for the lye to dissolve?

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Amanda! I'm happy that you were pleased with the lye and your soap came out great! The contents of the milk including the fat and sugar make it harder for the lye dissolve, thus the longer stirring time! :)

by Sherri
on 3/9/2014
Prefer flakes
I love the flakes as opposed to pellets. I do get a stronger fume from the flakes, but with a fan on it's not a problem - you just need to be prepared. I used the flakes with 100% buttermilk - frozen cubes - and just added lye flakes a little at a time while stirring. Within apx 5 min it melted the cubes beautifully and stayed smooth. Much better than my past experience with the pellets. I'm sold on flakes
by Rebecca
on 2/23/2014
dust is down right scary
I tired BB lye to get away from the static problem with pellets, but the amount of dust in the container of lye I received is I think a worse danger. I tried to carefully tip the container to be able to spoon out the lye rather than pour, but still had enough dust to make me very worried about inhaling it or it coating surfaces outside my carefully newspaper covered soapmaking area. I am concerned that the problem will only get worse as I get to the bottom of the bottle. I would strongly suggest not shipping this item to the east coast because I think there's no way to ensure that the flakes don't create a large amount of dust from unavoidably shifting during shipping. Do you have any suggestions about how to better and more safely handle the product? If not I will probably turn back to pellets as I can more safely handle static pellets than clouds of lye dust.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Rebecca! Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. Sometimes when in transit, some of the flakes can crumble resulting in a little powder. If you are worried about inhaling powder, some soapers like to wear a face mask when scooping their lye. Other soapers prefer to scoop their lye powder outside to ensure their soaping area is well ventilated. Thank you again for leaving a review!

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