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Great mold

I bought 3 and max I can make is about 5, I do leave it in overnight to get harden. Just a few tap and a little twist the next morning, bathbomb fell out of mold right away. Debating now if I want to get more :)

Great stainless mold

I love this mold. The bombs are huge and can wiegh 9 ounces. I wish there were other sizes of this mold.

Best Molds

These are definitely the best quality bath bomb molds ever, they are strong good quality stainless steel and the bath bombs just turn out perfect every time, i would love to see them in different sizes.

Great Except...

The mold is high quality stainless, so you're getting a great mold. My only complaint is that it's HUGE. It takes a lot of ingredients to make, say, a dozen bombs. I'd be happier with a mold that was about half this size, When are you going to get a smaller one BB? I'll buy two or three when you do!

Nice and Sturdy

I've tried many forms of bath bomb molds and only one mold has worked flawlessly. This mold is awesome, however I've found that is can be a bit of an ordeal to get the bath bomb out once it dries enough. My best suggestion to new users is to mold it and after like 5 minutes take the top half mold off. Also It doesn't make a sphere, it has straight sides so the bath bomb is more oval then spherical. But all in all its sturdy and a good mold.