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Sweet Stocking Stuffer Kit: Our Sweet Stocking Stuffer Kit is this years simple solution for making coordinated gift ensembles! With this kit, you'll be able to make 4 candles, 4 lotions and 4 salt scrubs for your friends, family and co-workers. The Clementine Cupcake Fragrance Oil smells just like (mouth-watering) orange sherbet cake batter topped with a dollop of orange vanilla frosting. The Chipotle Caramel Fragrance Oil is a sweet and creamy caramel, blended with supporting notes of nutty vanilla and topped off with chipotle, cinnamon and clove.

Kit Contains:
14 oz Aloe Lotion Base
Three 4 oz. Plastic Bottles
One 2 oz. Plastic Bottles
16 oz. White Beeswax
Four 4 oz. Plastic Jars
4 Candle Tins
4 WU250 Candle Wicks
8 oz. Sweet Almond Oil
16 oz. Fine Dead Sea Salt
1 oz. Clementine Cupcake Fragrance Oil
1 oz. Chipotle Caramel Fragrance Oil
Downloadable label templates

What you provide:
Large plastic baggie
Stirring Spoons
Double Boiler

Basic instructions are below or go to the Soap Queen Blog for more detailed instructions. Find the candle tutorial here, The salt scrub instructions here and the lotion instructions here.

Lotion Instructions: This lotion is easy to make as is but our tips will make it even easier. To start, pour 16 oz of Aloe Lotion base into a large plastic baggie and drop in 2 ml of fragrance oil. Seal the plastic baggie and mush it around with your hands to combine the ingredients. Once fully incorporated, snip off a small corner of the plastic bag and squeeze the lotion into the containers. Cap ‘em, label ‘em and give ‘em away!

Salt Scrub Instructions: In a medium sized mixing bowl, combine 4 oz of Dead Sea Salt, 4 tbsp. of Sweet Almond oil and 2 ml of fragrance oil. Carefully spoon into the plastic containers, apply cap and label.

Candle Instructions: In a double boiler, melt 16 oz of White Beeswax. Once fully melted, turn off the burner, add 1 oz of fragrance oil and mix well. Then, carefully fill each candle tin with wax (we suggest slowly pouring from your pot or using a ladle). Once you've filled your candle tins, place a candle wick in the center of each tin. Let the candles cool for 4-6 hours. Then trim the wicks to ½ inch, apply the neatly labeled lid, and present your creation to a worthy recipient!

Tip: If you're having problems with leaning wicks, Dip the base of the wick in the melted wax and center on the bottom of the tin. Then place 2 pencils horizontally on the tin, one each side of the wick. This will give the wick a little support as you pour the wax and the candle cools. Watch our Soap Queen TV candle video for more techniques.

That's it! It's that simple!

Looking for for something spicy and sophisticated? Try the Mandarin & Myrrh with Wassail kit. Get it HERE!

We also have helpful tutorials on how to create lotionsscrubs, and candles with this kit, so be sure to check them out! Instructions may also be found by clicking more details at the top of the description.


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by kim
on 11/14/2014
Where is the recipe or tutorial for this?
I bought over $200 worth of kits but when it came, everything was in two large boxes and I am spending more time than I wanted to trying to figure out what ingredient is used to make what item and on this kit, I just have no idea how to make the lotions and scrubs. I did get a booklet so maybe that will help more when I read it but I would have expected a more organized package since I thought I was ordering things called 'kits'. I'm spending too much time now trying to sort this all out and find tutorials. Any advice would be appreciated since my time to make these gifts was sparse as it is. The things I did make such as infused lip balms and candles and the honeycomb soaps came out great and I do love the products, just not the method to the madness. Maybe its just me but thought it would be easier to sort through. Also didn't realize I wasn't being sent exact measures for most of the products and used way too much calendula petals and wasted them as well as some other things. Thanks

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Kim! The tutorials for these kits can be found on our blog. The lotion tutorial can be found here, the candle tutorial here, and the scrub tutorial can be found here. Sorry for any confusion! Also, there are lots of things you can do with leftover skin-loving calendula! Learn more in this Sunday Night Spotlight: Calendula post. I'll be emailing you personally to discuss this.

Verified Purchase
by Cindy
on 11/12/2014
Candles Leaked
I was super excited about this kit so I started working on the projects and I noticed that when I poured all of the candles one appeared to be leaking out of the bottom. I would have not given it much thought expect that I bought the Spice Stocking Stuffer Kit too and again one candle leaked out of the bottom of the tin. Its on the bottom and under the tin, I am not sure how or if I should clean this. Is it safe for anyone to burn these that leaked out? I don't know. It is upsetting to buy this kit and have only 3 candles AND it happened with my Spice Stocking Suffer Kit too. This kit did not come with any directions so I had to hunt for them - they should have been included in these kits.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Cindy! I'm sorry those candles leaked on you. In our tests and recipes, we did not experience any leaking with the candle tins, as seen in this Soap Queen TV Episode on Holiday Candle Travel Tins. The tutorials for these kits can be found on our blog. The lotion tutorial can be found here, the candle tutorial here, and the scrub tutorial can be found here. I'll be emailing you personally to discuss this!

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