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  • Tropical Vacation Fragrance Oil

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Tropical Vacation: A mix of mango, coconut and pineapple rolled into one sweet scent. Men and women both go crazy for this scent. It's one you won't want to miss!

This fragrance oil does accelerate trace in cold process soaps.

<p>Customer comment: "When I got the Tropical Vacation Fragrance home I realized it smells just like Bath and Body works "true blue" Tahiti Sweetie! I didn't read if you promoted it this way but it sure smells identical! Thanks again for all the great FO's!" ... J.H.

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Vanilla Content: .4%

NOTE: This medium-flashpoint oil (196ºF) cannot ship via USPS regardless of the shipping method you choose at checkout. 

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by Ashlee
on 5/21/2015
yummy :)
I gave it 5 stars because it smells nice even though it riced my soap, with a little blending it did fine. I added it at a very thin trace and it all worked out wonderfully. (I used a high coconut oil cp batter) it smells fruity in the bottle, but when I cut my cp soap I noticed it smelt a little more floral, than it had in the bottle. still a beautiful scent :)
by Stephanie
on 5/11/2015
Maybe not for those with sensitive noses?
While I do love the smell mixed with the coconut cream fragrance, this scent in particular gives me headaches for some reason, so if you have a more sensitive smeller maybe try a lighter fragrance.
Verified Purchase
by Catina
on 1/29/2015
I don't get it
I read all the reviews, and everyone loved this oil. I don't smell mango, coconut, or pineapple. I can't pick up on any of these scents, which I love. Very disappointed with this oil choice. I was expecting it to smell a little like pina coloda with the pineapple and coconut that's in it. There's no tropical vacation in this bottle. I put it on paper, and cloth to see if it smelled better after the notes settled, that didn't help. I'm so sad :(

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Catina! I'm sorry this fragrance wasn't your favorite.  We love the tropical mix of sweet mango, coconut, and pineapple.  If you're looking for a tropical scent you may like Papaya Coconut Fragrance Oil, Tropical Punch Fragrance Oil, or Mango Mango Fragrance Oil

by Belinda
on 1/3/2015
Nice Surprise!
I've had this oil languishing in my cupboard for literally years! A few nights ago I made a soap with coconut water and coconut cream. Turns out the coconut oil I purchased from the store had a strong coconut aroma and I wanted to play that up, so I ransacked my cupboards looking for something appropriate. I grabbed this and read the info here and used it at .7%. Initially the fragrance vanished, leaving only the nutty coconut smell of the oil. Then as it started curing, I began to catch a sweet, tropical scent. Very, very nice! It did discolor, but that was easy to whiten with TD. I didn't notice that it accelerated trace significantly; I managed to put in a nice hangar swirl. I knocked off a star just because the fragrance is rather faint. But then I put the star back because the oil is at least five years old.
by Tanya
on 9/10/2014
smells great so far!
I was scared to use this FO since I read that it can accelerate trace. Soaped like a dream for me, no acceleration or issues. I was really surprised because I soap at 110-115 and used part GM as the liquid. Recipe even had 60% hard oils (rest was olive oil) I put in the fridge to prevent gel because I've found some FO's that accelerate trace don't like to gel. Didn't want to chance having to rebatch it. So far so good. Smell is clean and fruity. Will be ordering more of this one!
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