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Won't stay on my lip balm tube

I got all my lip balm supplies for brambleberry tubes and all even downloading the lip balm label template, but my label keep peeling up on my tubes. However they worked great with my printer and they were not to hard to peel off if you have long nails. I will be probably buying again but i have to find a better method of getting these labels to stay put.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Keli! I'm so glad you found these Waterproof Labels so easy to use!  Though, I'm sorry you had trouble keeping them on.  We haven't had any problems getting these labels to stick to our packaging!  I will email you personally to help troubleshoot!

Looks great

They are a bit tricky to peel off the back. I rarely need to lable more than 12 at a time, so I'm fine with the time it takes. My one suggestion to the manufacturer would be to have "BACK" printed all over the back. My vision isn't as good as it once was, and having that on the back would make loading the printer a bit easier on my eyes.

Completely happy with these!

I use these labels on my lip balms and lotions and I love them! I have never had any of the problems mentioned above (yellowing, etc). I wouldn't use these on a product that would be staying in a shower stall, but they hold up well on products that stay in pockets or get handled often. I love this paper because I have complete control over the label- my mini lip balm labels fit 38 labels to a sheet (my labels are that tiny!) and I have no trouble cutting them and peeling them myself. (There's a trick to peeling the labels off- I am very sorry the reviewer above hasn't got the hang of it yet!) It would cost me a LOT to have this many labels printed and cut by another company! I can't say I agree with the reviewer who said these could not complete with more professional labels- that's in the design of your label, not necessarily the paper. I have had customers comment on how professional my labels look, and also how well they hold up- they do not nick easily when bumped or scratched.

It is just okay.

These labels come on a standard 8 1//2" x 11" sheet. I gave it an average rating because it as far as going through the printer it was fine. I think this product is fine for a home crafter and those who are making things as personal gifts. But for a business there are some serious drawbacks. 1) trying to separate the backing from the label is a real pain. I used these for the first time on an eight bottle order and it took me about 20 min just to get the ten labels pealed off the backing. 2) They have to be hand cut to size AND shape. This turned out to be a real problem as the bottles I use are tapered. Getting them on straight and correctly positioned was very very time consuming. 3) After all that is said and done they still have a very home craftey look, not the professional look I am after, I will not be reordering these again for my business. However, I think they are just fine for those who are not trying to compete with other commercial looking products.

Ok, but discolor to yellow over time

I found that for the most part they are water resistant (not waterproof), but sometimes I had to replace labels that got wet because the ink smudged. (No, it was not fresh ink). I also find that the labels discolor to yellow over time, mainly the edges. I buy these labels anyway because I haven't found an alternative.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Melanie, thanks for taking the time to leave a review! I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing some discoloration with these labels. I will be contacting you personally to obtain pictures of the problem, and help troubleshoot why this might be happening!