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Love the shape of this mold

This is a sturdy mold that makes 6 perfect size bars for a very good price. I like using this mold when making solid colored bars. Although you could definitely use it for layers or swirls as well. The size of the bars fit great in the hand. And the bars come out cleanly every time. Whether beveled or not beveled, they are very smooth looking bars. And with an ideal shape & size for most people. This mold is a great investment, especially for the price.

Verified Purchase

Love this oval mold and use several of them frequently! I love the size, strength and ease of use, great quality! I hope you continue to make more quality molds like this!

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Solid mold

I actually have the 12-cavity version, which I had picked up on clearance from here. This is probably one of my favorite cavity molds. The ovals add a simple elegance to the soaps, while keeping the bars at the standard 4oz size. The cavities have a slight lip, which helps keep from spilling when moving a freshly-poured batch. Unlike the silicone molds that you find for baking, or even the loaf mold liners here, this mold is a thicker, sturdier design. This has proven to be a bit of a mixed blessing. On the positive side, the structure keeps the soap from distorting the mold, and the thickness provides a little extra insulation, which helps keep it from cooling too fast. The downside that I did find was that soaps that are softer when first unmolded tend to stick and don't release easily without some extra prep. A minor inconvenience, though, and easily mitigated.

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Good heavy duty mold

Tried using this mold for cold process soap making after my recent purchase. I'd say the quality is worth the price and I am loving it!

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Excellent Mold

I dont understand why this is being continued. I have bought 4 now and will buy more if they are available for a while. This mold holds up very well. The shape produces a very professional look. It is sturdy, strong and its one of my favourites.