DIY Candle Jars

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    DIY Candle Containers

    Candles come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and that’s true for DIY candles too. We love container candles, especially for DIY candles. That goes double for beginning candle makers.

    Container candles tend to be neater and safer, because the wax remains in the container. There’s less risk of candle wax getting on your furniture or counters, and less risk of fire, too.

    You don’t need a separate candle holder for container candles, which means that when you use them, sell them, or give them as gifts, they’re easier to use and don’t require an additional purchase.

    The containers for DIY candles can be reused. Once the candle is finished, you can clean out the container and make another homemade candle with it. If you want, you can even repurpose candle containers for holding lots of different small items, from toothbrushes in the bathroom, to utensils in the kitchen, to pens in the office. That means that the container itself adds value to your DIY candles. Perhaps most importantly, containers for DIY candles come in different materials and colors. That means that you can easily customize the look of your homemade candles by choosing just the right container. From a simple glass jar for a rustic look to a soothing pastel ceramic candle container to set a spa-like environment, container candles give you so many options for customizing the look of your homemade candles.

    That means that you can choose the candle container that sets the perfect mood or matches your room decor just right.

    We’ve selected these candle containers because they’re appropriate for candle making. That means that they’re not going to burn or shatter while you’re using your homemade candles. That means they’re extra safe and great quality.

    Check out our selection of containers for DIY candles, and find the one that sparks your imagination or matches your personality. Then, let your creativity guide you in your candle making project.