DIY Candle Colorants

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    Candle Dyes

    It’s wonderful to have a candle with colored wax. You can design them with layers, and match them to the interior of your home for maximum relaxation. Choosing colorants for candles can be challenging, though. Water based colorants won’t mix with the wax, and powdered colorants like micas can clog wicks and even impact the quality of your burn.

    We carry the best colorants for homemade candles. These colors won’t cause your candle to produce a lot of soot, or clog the wick, shortening the lifespan of your homemade candles. Because they’re made of wax, they mix in perfectly. They won’t settle to the bottom of the container or mold, and won’t cause specks or streaks in your candle.

    Most of all, the flakes make them easy to measure out and use. If you want some pastel colors, use a little. If you want bold colors, add more. This way you can have total control over the colors you get in your homemade candles. Just add a little at a time and melt it into your candle wax. They’re concentrated, so a little goes a long way. That means you don’t have to pay a lot to get colorants for lots of DIY candle projects.

    They come in a rainbow of different colors, too. So no matter the desired color or design, you can find what you need. Each color of candle dye flakes can create a range of shades, from very pale to very saturated. That means one color of dye flakes is actually a lot of different colors.

    We use these candle colorants in our own candle projects, so you can rest assured that they’re of excellent quality. Check out our DIY candle dye flakes and pick your favorite colors. Then, let your creativity take over. Then, enjoy your candle creations.