Candle Wicks for DIY Candles

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    Candle Making Wicks

    When you’re making your own homemade candles, you might not think much about wicks. It’s just waxed string, right? Wick choice is important, though. Some wicks perform better with certain waxes than others, and certain sizes of candle containers need different sizes of wick.

    That’s why we offer a variety of wick types and sizes. You want to make sure the wick you choose works well with your preferred wax, and is just the right size for your container.

    Not all of this is a technical choice, though. There are some style choices as well.

    Traditional cotton wicks are very easy to trim and use and come in a range of sizes. Wooden candle wicks work the same as a cotton wick, but produce a softer light and a light crackling sound like a tiny campfire.

    We pride ourselves on offering the best quality candle making supplies we can, and that goes for our wicks, too! Our cored and braided candle wicks are great and perform well. We know, because we use them ourselves.

    We have different lengths of wick for various sizes of candle containers, so you don’t have to throw out as much trimmed wick. Waste not, want not, right?

    All of our wicks come pre-tabbed so they’re easy to attach to the bottom of your candle container. That means that they won’t float in the cooling wax, possibly ruining your DIY candle project.

    If you need help choosing a wick, we have a great candle wick guide to help. You can also learn more about choosing your wick in this great article about choosing candle wicks.

    Check out our candle wicks selection and wick resources and choose the perfect wick for any DIY candle project. Then, all you have to do is get creative and make the homemade candle of your dreams.