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Both had cuts in them

I very recently ordered two of these molds. Upon inspection I noticed that both molds had a cut about an inch and a half long and one of the squares on the mold. I was hoping that it would not affect the performance of the molds but after unmolding my CP soaps I can tell that I might get one to two more uses out of them.

Love it

Excellent mold, it is the right size .

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Excellent mold, nice sized bars

I got 2 1-lb test batches of soap in this, although there was room for a little bit more in each bar. This would be a perfect mold for making gift soaps or party favors. Very easy to unmold and clean. Will definitely buy more of these.

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Excellent basic mold, clean bars.

This mold makes excellent large square bars. The inside of each cavity is smooth, with crisp corners and sturdy sides. The bars came out looking smooth and shiny. When unmolding, the sides were easy to pull away, and the airlock was easy to break. The large size makes it perfect for a decent sized batch of soap, without being so large that the filled mold is difficult to handle. Deep enough to do some layering, simple swirls, or embeds. Certainly a must-have basic mold for any soaper.

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I love these. they are a little more shallow than the more rectangle version of this, but the soap weight comes out the same about 3.5oz for me.