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Awesome mold

This 12-cavity mold produces really smooth bars and we love it! This mold is perfect when you have some leftovers from other batches, and we recently used it for some whipped rebatch soap, and for some facial bars.

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12 Cavity Rectangle Silicone Mold

This mold is perfect for full size bars and for cutting into sample sized bars, with awesome release! Although family members suggested flater soaps; not sure what that means. Most family members enjoyed the size.

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Not pass pinched test

Dissapointed as it does not pass pinched test as i can see white fillers when twisted.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
The pinch test hack is great for food grade silicone, whereas we sell cosmetic grade products. We are not a food grade warehouse.

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Love this mold!

I just received this in the mail yesterday and was very impressed. This is much sturdier than I thought it would be. I was expecting it to be flimsy but it's not! i am going to use this to make larger sized bars of the Holiday mint MP soaps with mint chocolate chip fragrance oil for Christmas gifts.

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Perfect for testing fragrances!

This mold was awesome for testing 12 new fragrances really efficiently. I made one recipe, marked out a 5 oz line on 12 plastic cups, pre-measured my fragrances into glass shot glasses and cranked out the samples. I can't see using this for high production, but for testing it is so helpful.