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Light and sturdy, easy to use

I got it in the embedded toys soap kit and works great for me. Have used it for both MP and CP and didn't have any issues with unmolding. I like the shape it gives and I use it for some designs to set apart from the usual straight designs of regular molds. My only issue is that I didn't get the transparent version of it and will not mind to purchase the transparent one if it becomes available. Please can you contact me when you have the transparent one as it will be grate for embedded designs? Thank you.

Not so sure about this mold

It's been 24 hours and I can't get the soap loaf out. It has shrunk and pulled away from the sides but won't come out. I don't want to wait so long that the soap is too hard to cut. I was going to line it, based on the review above, but the trapezoidal shape of the mold makes lining it a hassle. I wish I would have at least laid one strip lengthwise to help lift the soap out. I'll be patient... it's my first attempt at CP. I have to say, I am LOVING making soap. I'm already trying to decide what to do next.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Beth! Depending on your recipe, it can take anywhere from two days to up to 1-2 weeks to unmold your cold process soap. To help speed this process up, you can add more hard oils in your recipe. You can also add 1 tsp. of sodium lactate per pound of oils to your cooled lye water. You can read more in the Sunday Night Spotlight: Sodium Lactate post. I'll be emailing you personally to discuss this!

Verified Purchase
Line this mold!

I got this mold instead of purchasing a silicon mold, and I really wish I had just bit the bullet and gotten the silicon. My batch of the "lots of lather" soap with Energy fragrance has been in the mold for three days and I still can't get it to come out. I fear I may either have to cut the mold or lose this beautiful batch of soap. Neither of which I want to do. Had I known that this would be a piece of work, I would have simply lined with parchment paper to save myself the stress and headache! Moral of the story, line this puppy or you may never get your soap the way you want to.

Reply from Bramble Berry
Hi Michelle! I'm sorry this mold wasn't your favorite. We've found soap comes out of this mold well. Cold process soap make take up to a week to harden, depending on factors like climate, etc. You may like to add 1 tsp of Sodium Lactate per pound of oils to your cooled lye water. That will help that bar get harder and unmold earlier. I'll be emailing you personally to resolve this issue!

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Wish I read it better

I haven't used it but it seems very firm. But When I read the note and then looked at the picture I thought the 4" opening was the over pour lip you see in the pictures. You can see that is tappers up. So its not a true rectangle. And again it's my fault because of the note. The note explains it good but after looking the pic I thought it was the lip that was open.