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Mixed Results

The first mold I ordered was great, and I've made a few batches with it. I wanted to upscale my production of these sheep a little bit, so ordered 3 more. The new molds arrived with Bramble Berry branding stamped on them, and appear to be a different material (a little thicker maybe, more rigid certainly). I did a batch unmolded 2 of the trays after about 48 hours. In one tray, the soap was tough to unmold, and pieces stuck to the inside. The soap came out relatively easily and intact from the other tray though. I decided to leave the last two for later to see if giving a little additional time will help.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Because silicone molds have a pretty restricted airflow it can take some extra time for your soap to fully harden in them. Using Sodium Lactate can help the process go a bit faster though leaving the soap in the mold for some extra time is also a good idea.

Stiff and difficult to extract

This is a charming sheep mold. However, I have consistently struggled to get the soap to pop out of t his mold. I've used other silicon molds that are MUCH easier to use than this one. I'd like to get my money back, but I think I've had it too long. I recommend avoiding purchase of this particular mold.

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High quality, great price, you need this mold!

The description says you might want a steep water discount and SL but I used neither and I used a relatively soft recipe. They popped right out the next day just fine. The mold is high quality silicone, sturdy but flexible enough for easy removal. The price is awesome, I think I need another!