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Use to mix lye and water

I use the container to mix my lye into my water. I like it because I feel in control when pouring the water into the oils. At first it was difficult to figure the best way to use it but then I found that I was using this pitcher all the time I am very glad that I have it. Rinses clean and shiny each time. My fav!

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Good but not perfect

Pros: -Can use directly on stove top (may discolor in the flames/gas) or in a double boiler if you have a pan to put it in -Can be used to rebatch soap. It's deep, but it will heat up a pound batch if you mix well and often -Cleans perfectly in the dishwasher once you rinse out thick residue after soapmaking -The green spatula sold on BB is great for squeegee-ing out soap from the sides when you're finishing up pouring Cons: -I find the ice guard to be annoying for cleaning, but overall it is more useful than annoying -The spout is not an open spout. It is a second piece attached to the body of the pitcher, and the hole you pour from is small if you mix until a thick trace. You can easily pour out the sides of the top, but I'd like it if the spout was wider -Can't do large batches (1 lb batch goes up 1/3 - 1/2 of the way to the top) Overall, this is a great tool for beginners. I don't plan on mass producing ever, so I don't expect needing a replacement for quite a few years.