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broke apart my first use

well i used my mold for the first time today, and am so sad that my mold is now in pieces, i was so excited but now i have four individual cavities instead of one mold :(

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Lynn! I'm sorry that happened with your mold! It can be a bit tricky to remove soap from a hard plastic mold but there are definitely some tricks that can help! If making Melt and Pour soap you can stick it in the freezer for about 30 minutes before unmolding. This allows the soap to constrict slightly making it pop out easier. Cold Process soap will need more time to harden in the mold before removal due to the restricted airflow. Also, rubbing the mold with a non-saponifiable oil first like Cyclomethicone or mineral oil will also help with the release. For more tips check out our Unmolding Cold Process Soap from Plastic Molds blog post. Customer service has contacted you directly to resolve this issue :-)

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Abstract Leaves Mold

I love this mold...I use it with my lavender scent or my lilac...I use white for the flowers and purple for the rest and it is beautiful, Very easy to unmold if you leave it for about three hours! Love it!!!

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Like the square shape

Large square bars are uncommon among soap molds, so this is a nice mold to add some variety in shape and size of your bars. Regarding the excess blank space mentioned by another reviewer, I have found that it is necessary in order to give molds the ability to flex to release the bars. I use this mold with MP. Love Brambleberry!

Makes cute soaps

I like this mold. I just wish there were more, there's a lot of wasted space for how big the piece of plastic is.