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Great seller

My customers love this scent! I've even had requests to make it into a shampoo bar. Loved by men, women and kids. Not one of my favorites though. It is so strong when I'm soaping.

5 stars!

Amazing, smells exactly like the almond extract I bake with, I want to eat it! I really wish it was lip safe, i would soooo love it in a lip gloss,lol!😀

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Simply a must have

Everyone loves this one. Easy to work with in goat milk CP soap

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Separation in CP Soap

I made a 5 lb. batch soap containing goat’s milk, honey and colloidal oatmeal and used this fragrance in it. Soaped at a low temperature and had no issues with overheating and even went by brambleberry’s fragrance calculator, but upon mixing the lye, oils, goat’s milk and honey together, the mixture started to accelerate. I worked quick and added the fragrance oil and colloidal oatmeal and to my surprise the thickness changed to watery thin. I finally got it to reach trace, but as it started hardening, the fragrance oil was sitting on top of the soap. The whole thing was an oily mess and I had to trash it.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Tana! I'm sorry you had troubles soaping with this fragrance. In our testing the Almond Cybilla Fragrance Oil did not accelerate or separate. There can be other reasons for acceleration. For instance, the natural sugars in honey can cause the batch to thicken quickly. Find out more in our Adding Honey to Cold Process Soap blog post. Customer service has contacted you directly to help troubleshoot. :-)

Very Pleasant

Scent performed well in MP. Used the BB recipe maker to get the right amount of fragrance ratio. I like heavy scents so the smells last till the very end of the soap bar.