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Very Pleasant

Scent performed well in MP. Used the BB recipe maker to get the right amount of fragrance ratio. I like heavy scents so the smells last till the very end of the soap bar.

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Great Scent

Loved this scent! I had no issues in my cold process soap. I used a little less than usual and the soap ended up a beautiful honey-tan color. There is definitely a sweet note to this scent, but it ended up being a best seller!

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Great almond scent!

Great almond scent! one of my top 2 best sellers for years. Does discolor cold process soap quite a bit in cold process soap - ends up a chocolate brown color by the time it's cured. one time I got a Cherry Almond scent by mistake. It was labeled Cybilla Almond, but the wrong scent was in the container. If you think it smells too much like Cherry, maybe it's the same problem. Their customer service was great - even shipped the correct scent overnight at no charge.

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This fragrance is intoxicating! I do smell an undertone of cherries in the soap batch but that doesn't bother me and it adds to the scent, in my opinion. I didn't experience any acceleration or any other problems - it soaped beautifully even with a heavy water discount. Will probably use less next time - it's very strong and a 2 pound batch sitting in my kitchen can be smelled down the hall. I don't see any discoloration but the soap is only about a week old. This is one I will definitely keep in stock.

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I sold out of the soap I made with this yesterday!!! Seriously one of my favorites, I want to take a bite!