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Performed Very Well

This is a very nice, fresh, woodsy fragrance. My father likes it, and I like it. I think this is a fragrance both men and women will like. It performed very well for me. I had my battery thicken on me way to fast, and this fragrance actually helped thin each layer for me. It may accelerate in a normal batter, but it clearly doesn't accelerate too quickly. I am very pleased with it.

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Not what I was expecting

I used this for a batch last night. Performed as described. Slight acceleration, no discoloration. Personally I do not like this scent. As a guy, there is nothing masculine I can say about this. This is not for the man in your life. I find it to be sharp, overpowering, and cloying. While there are notes of eucalyptus and bergamont, I find a overwhelming perfume-y quality that I would expect from something called cotton or linen. While I am sure someone will genuinely love it, I do not. I almost feel bad about giving this batch away. I am not complaining, but this scent is not my cup of tea..

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Mrs. Amber
Alpine FANTASTIC!!!!!

For those of you who might be worried this is strictly a masculine scent, DON'T BE!!! It is FANTASTICALLY refreshing & stunningly unisex!! I am thoroughly smitten with this gorgeously multifaceted aroma! So expertly blended, guaranteed it's like nothing you've smelled before! Reminds me of going on a walk in the early morning of a brisk, early winter day, where the very first frosts of the season form a soft, sparkling blanket of frozen dew on the ground! A fleeting & stunning display of nature captured in a bottle! Despite its frosty-fresh vibe, this scent also embodies an aura of comfort! Like returning home from your brisk, morning nature-walk and curling up on the couch with your favorite flannel blanket & a good book! The captivating herbal notes in this FO blended delicately with eucalyptus & warm hints of cozy woods makes this an aroma exquisitely perfect for colder months, but also an aroma lovers of nature would adore year-round! This one will stay in my permanent line for good!! In CP soap, the scent is AMAZING, fragrant and true! I experienced VERY mild acceleration with this FO in my recipe, but nothing that had me scrambling to finish pour... I worked at my own leisurely pace & had no problems executing my intended design! This FO is an absolute DREAM, both in performance and scent! I cannot stress enough how gorgeous this scent is, and as with the whole Hygge Collection, Brambleberry, you knocked it out of the park AGAIN!!

Alpine Frost

Love love this fragrance

Crisp fresh scent

Love love this cool crisp fragrance. Smells even more gorgeous in the final soap product. Very slight acceleration but plenty of time for my swirls. Great winter fragrance.