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Smells Great

used in rebatch soap, held scent fantastic and this is one of my favorite scents..

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The perfect floral

It's amazing in CP. I soaped at room temp and it behaved great. No complaints. Just the perfect floral.

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My fault.

I got this several months ago. Finally decided to make cp with this scent and completely forgot about the reviews warning about soaping above 100. It began to rice on me. My colors no longer could be appreciated, it all looked messy. I couldn’t smell anything after that. Put it into small hand soap molds and 3 lb loaf. This is my tenth batch of soap. So we will see. :(

Need another bottle of this!

Sold quite well. Just ordered a second 1 lb bottle.

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windex smell in cold process

This smells amazing out of the bottle. I did a basic cold process recipe. I think I did it a relatively low temperature but it's been buring for 10 days and it smells very much like windex. Hoping it changes after a full size weeks. Maybe my temps were to high.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Katrina! I'm so glad you loved the smell of our Apricot Freesia Fragrance Oil out of the bottle though I'm sorry you weren't happy with the results in cold process soap. We do recommend working at lower temperatures with this fragrance as well as keeping it from gel phase since it will morph or burn off as noted on the product page. For more information on gel phase check out our When to Insulate Handmade Soap blog post.