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I wrote a not so nice review about this oil last night. After doing a bit of research I suspect it was the fragrance oil I used rather than the oil that caused my soap to seize. It is a bit expensive for me to keep throwing away so I will probably look for cheaper alternatives.

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No cocount oil needed

I have been looking for a solid oil that could replace Coconut Oil and Babassu Oil is stable in fact it will get a better rating on the soap calculations. I have used it in cold process and hot process, I have to say it does leave the soap a bit tacky but it is a great performer and I highly recommend it.

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Excellent sub for Coconut Oil

I have one soap recipe that I use Bramble Berry’s Babassu Oil & Bramble Berry’s Mango Butter. It’s a good quality base oil that I also like to use in a lightweight lotion recipe. If your looking for a substitute for CO in your soaps, definitely give this product a try. It’s especially good for people with sensitive or dry skin as it is not as harsh as CO can be. Babassu Oil does have a distinctive smell to it. And I always use a fragrance when using this oil. Any FO or EO will completely mask the scent of the oil. Bramble Berry carries a top notch Babassu Oil at a reasonable price.

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Excellent Coconut Alternative

I am very pleased with my purchase of Babassu Oil. I have made several batches of cold process soap and they have all turned out lovely. Having strong sensitivity to Coconut Oil, Babassu Oil is an excellent alternative. I am not discouraged by the unusual aroma. I haven't had a problem with it coming through the finished product.

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I like it, but it has a bad odor to it

I purchased the babassu oil in my last order. I like this oil. It does absorb into my skin fast and doesn’t have a greasy feel to it. It also makes my skin feel very soft. The only thing o didn’t like about this oil was the smell. It has a funky smell to it. I wasn’t sure if that was normal or what since this was my first time using it. Even when I add some type of scent to it (an essential oil or fragrance oil), I can still smell that horrible smell.