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Where's the dang scent?

I wanted a scented oil that had strong tobacco tones. This oil is very weak scented. The only use I had for it was for my homemade bug spray. Too faint for anything else.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Charlemagne! I'm sorry you thought this fragrance had a weak scent. We found the Balsam Peru Essential Oil to be strong when used at .8 oz per pound of cold process soap using our Handy Dandy Fragrance Calculator. If you're looking for scents with a stronger tobacco you may like Tobacco & Bay Leaf Fragrance Oil, Rustic Woods and Rum Fragrance Oil, or Black Tea Fragrance Oil.

Sweet Vanilla-like smell

For years I have been looking for a way to get vanilla-like smell in CP soaps naturally. Balsam of Peru did it. I added about 3/4 oz per pound of soap. The smell is great, but the next time I will do it a little bit stronger (1 oz per lb). So far everyone who smelled the soap loved the smell. I added the oil at light trace before adding colors - and did not notice any discoloration. Great product, will buy again!