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My customers are going to be sad I can no longer sell this product! Went to order more and it's not available! Is there an alternative?

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Mrs. Amber
Happy with this lotion!

I've been really wanting to make my own lotion just for personal use, so figured the easiest way to go would be using a lotion base, since it was really more about scent to me (I LOVE LOVE LOVE BB's "Rose Quartz" FO and wanted my own lotion scented in it). A 16oz container of this base was the perfect amount for the project! The lotion itself is lightweight and absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving a silky smooth feel. It's not overly tacky or sticky feeling, and I really like the consistency! However, I think I might have overdone it a bit on the FO! Since this was my first time, I didn't read as carefully as I should have & thought I was to add up to 5% FO to the base. The base held the FO very well, but WOW is it STRONG! Then I read the instructions here more thoroughly & carefully and realized .1oz FO would have been plenty! Oops! It even had "up to 1%" printed on the container label, but in my excitement, I didn't notice that until afterward (TOTAL brain fog moment!). Totally ok though, as it's for personal use, and next time I'll be sure to use BB's fragrance calculator BEFORE I get a little too overzealous! It's still quite lovely smelling though, and now a little will go a LONG way! Was a laughable learning experience for me though, and I will absolutely purchase this lotion base again... My skin feels wonderful, albeit a tad potent smelling! Lol!

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Love it. Totally none greezy

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Five star base and five star customer service

Normally, this base has been one of my favorites. The beginning of January I made an order and unknown to me I am guessing the base must have froze in transit. I just got to my shop, almost three hours from my house, and found the base was a mess. It would not hold oils and seperated badly, nothing we could do would make it usable. I was devistated and pushed on time. This morning I called Bramble Berry and left a message, they immediately called me back and remedied the situation. I was so surprised and happy to find such wonderful customer service. I know this was not their fault and it is nothing bad about the base as I have used it before and have loved it. Thank you!!!!

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Is this product gluten free?