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Better after the cure

It seemed way too sweet out of the bottle, however using a small amount and waiting for the cure to finish, this scent wasn't half bad.

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This is the most "true" blueberry scent that I have found to date. The thyme in it perfectly offsets the cloying sweetness that often makes blueberry smell fake. My boyfriend loves it as well - I'm sure it's going to be a popular soap.

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Great scent!

I am a hobby soaper who lives at home and makes CP soap for my family. My dad is fairly particular when it comes to fragrances, but he really likes this scent. It's fruity, but not overly sweet. I doubt I would have tried it if I hadn't received it as a free sample; thank you, Brambleberry, for offered these free gifts!


Smells sooooo delicious kinda like bubble gum

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Smells so good that my friends want to eat it

I got a free sample of this fragrance, so I used it in a test batch of M&P soaps. I gave a bar to a friend and he immediately joked about trying to eat it. Another friend asked if she could have the oil just to rub on her chest so she could smell like blueberry thyme all day. All in all, I really like this fragrance and plan to purchase it after I go through some of my other oils first.