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It grew on me

I wasn't a fan of this scent in the bottle or in M&P soap. BUT... I made CP soap with it and every time I smell it I go back for more!

Great Scent

This is such a nice scent. When I first smelled this, I was sure it would be a big hit at festivals. However, just about anyone who smelled this fragrance puts it down. No-one have purchased this at any events I've attended. Over 40 + customers smelled this, and did not purchase it. Although this smells great, to me. It doesn't sell well at all.

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Smells so Very Good!

I have orchids and they do not have much smell but if they did, I would love them to smell like this. I used in CP no discoloration or rapid acceleration. This is such a wonderful smell and the scent is still there at 6 weeks. I have purchased more.

Smells like perfume!

I'm not sure what an orchid is supposed to smell like, so I wasn't sure what to expect when I received this fragrance. Honestly, it's not one of my favorites, but it does smell good. It has a very strong and smells floral, with masculine notes.

Verified Purchase
Angela J
Gorgeous, strong scent

Love this. Made cp soap for Mother’s Day with Blushing Orchid. Fantastic! No ricing or accelerating, very light discoloration of white to cream. Not an issue. Fragrance did not fade at all, even after complete cure! Gotta have this one in my supply stash, permanently!