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Seems different than last year

This was a best seller for me last year, but I wonder if it has been reformulated recentely? I used the same recipe as always, and the batter turned the same green initially, but the color is decidedly "pinker" than before. Also, something seems to be missing from the fragrance. It's not nearly as strong and also rather bland. My new batch is 2 weeks old and much fainter than a left over bar from last summer. What has happened?

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Bramble Berry's Fierce Type Fragrance Oil has not been reformulated at all so it should smell the same as previous bottles. Though we have found the fragrance oils do smell different in different sized bottles and the color of the oil will also seem darker in larger amounts.

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great masculine scent

I used this in cold process soap, smells great, its a great guys soap.

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Smells Soooo good.

Seems strong so i will be careful when adding it but I really love the scent. Very manly


I had this as a sample and used it in a bath bomb - it smelled like a dozen teenage boys got a little to overzealous w/the cologne before going to a dance. Even my husband, who rarely says anything about scents, commented with "wow, that's really awful". I guess the good news is that the scent doesn't fade.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
BB's Fierce Type Fragrance Oil is a very strong cologne type scent since it is a dupe of Abercrombie's popular cologne. If you're looking for milder masculine scents you may prefer Tobacco & Bay Leaf Fragrance Oil or Shave and a Haircut Fragrance Oil.

Surprisingly nice

Long story short, I ended up with a big bottle of this fragrance by mistake. It took me a while to finally try it. It smelled ok OOB, but I finally put it into CP and I actually really like it. I colored my soap charcoal, so I don’t know what the fragrance discoloration would be, but it did turn the weird green color when I first mixed it in to the batter. It faded by the time I poured it into my mold. All in all, I’ll definitely be using this one more often!