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I love my molds from Brambleberry

I really love my molds that I bought but I having problems with them now, they are breaking around the seam. I wish they were more flexible. Perhaps, Bramble berry can contact Fluxus the mold supplier and ask could they consider making the same molds be made more flexible to be able to remove soap more easily.

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Great Mold!

I use this mold all of the time for my Melt & Pour Soaps. When I'm cutting up my M&P soap, I figure 25oz - 26oz (by weight) per batch. I've never had a problem with this mold, aside from the time I spilled a fragrance oil all over the mold. It pot-marked the mold and made it difficult to remove the cured soaps after that, but that was MY FAULT, not the fault of the product.