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Absolutely fabulous

I love this soap base. It has such a smooth and luxurious feel to it. Our customers love the soap we make with this. I can honestly say we will not go back to using anything else!

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Wonderful but WAY to expensive to ship!

I have been a customer for over 4 years now & have tried just about everything Bramble has to offer. I learned whats legit & whats not. Some of Bramble's soap base is down right horrible, I can't lie...but NOT this one! Lathers nicely and leaves hands feeling soft. Like with ALL melt and pour soap base, it's best to add a little oil or butter of your own into the base as it melts however, or you might end up with soap that dries out the skin. Also a tip, melt it SLOWLY in a double broiler (not a microwave!) & allow it to stay melted for at least 20 min before you use it. Do this for all melt and pour soap base and you'll notice a BIG difference, trust me! Just make sure to keep your soap at a steady temp & stir often so it doesn't burn! (so keep your heat gun handy!) :)

Goats milk base

I have been using this base to make soap in a rope. My clients love it

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nice base soap !!!

i really like this base, it lathers up nicely wnen using a pouf. the ideas are endless using this base. i will be buying another block.

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goat soap

I was impressed at how easy this was to make! Just melt and pour, like it says haha. So easy to add my own essential oils and other add ins such as lavender or citrus peel. Great lathering and great scent! I also wanted to comment on the shipping .. yes, it is expensive, however when you divide the total price including shipping, it is sooo much less than if you went to another local craft store and paid 5 bux a pound. Plus I onow I can count on Brambleberry's quality. Thanks for a great product!