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After melting down I added lime zest to one batch and ground lavender to another. It's just a couple days later and there's this crystallized looking film that is forming on the bars. What's going on with it? Help me please!

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Absolutely fabulous

I love this soap base. It has such a smooth and luxurious feel to it. Our customers love the soap we make with this. I can honestly say we will not go back to using anything else!

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Wonderful but WAY to expensive to ship!

I have been a customer for over 4 years now & have tried just about everything Bramble has to offer. I learned whats legit & whats not. Some of Bramble's soap base is down right horrible, I can't lie...but NOT this one! Lathers nicely and leaves hands feeling soft. Like with ALL melt and pour soap base, it's best to add a little oil or butter of your own into the base as it melts however, or you might end up with soap that dries out the skin. Also a tip, melt it SLOWLY in a double broiler (not a microwave!) & allow it to stay melted for at least 20 min before you use it. Do this for all melt and pour soap base and you'll notice a BIG difference, trust me! Just make sure to keep your soap at a steady temp & stir often so it doesn't burn! (so keep your heat gun handy!) :)

Goats milk base

I have been using this base to make soap in a rope. My clients love it

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nice base soap !!!

i really like this base, it lathers up nicely wnen using a pouf. the ideas are endless using this base. i will be buying another block.