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Scent is just..ok..

I ordered a few essential oils and was most looking forward to this one to use in a cold process soap recipe but it smells off..doesn't smell woodsy to me. I'm hoping a nicer scent will come through when I make the soap but I probably won't be ordering this one again.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Eveline! I'm sorry this scent wasn't your favorite. We love this Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil and while it is from cedarwood trees it does have an earthy scent to it that is sweeter than other varieties. If you're looking for a more traditional woody scent you may prefer Sandalwood Essential Oil or the regular Cedarwood Essential Oil.

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Awesome scent

The cedar wood atlas has an awesome earthy scent. I used the 'light' amount recommended on the fragrance calculator, it's the perfect amoun. The husband likes it too! Packaging was great, delivery was prompt. I even received a free gift of an EO.

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Works Great

Performs wonderfully in cold process soap, especially when blended with other essential oils. It sticks well and I haven't noticed it fading the least bit. Very popular with the men.

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I purchased this as a base note to hold down other scents in my cold process soap, but also to add a earthy more masculine scent to my soap collection. While you could definitely use this as a standalone scent, I would recommend having fun pairing it up with different middle or top notes. Scent is subjective, it doesn't boil me over, but it's my husband's favorite soap scent. It reminds me of opening a cedar chest. Update: I tried the American Cedarwood and much prefer this one. Worth the extra money. Smells sophisticated right out of the bottle, very pleasant.

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Cedarwood Atlas

I love the scent however I had a problem with the batch of soap I made using this scent. I made two batches of that soap that day one using another fragrance oil. The one made with CedarWood Atlas did not set up as well as the other batch that one was Hot Apple Pie and used the same recipe. I am wondering if anyone else has problems with this.

Terah from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Jeanie! I'm so glad you love the scent of our Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil! Though I'm sorry you had troubles soaping with it. In our tests and recipes this EO behaved beautifully in cold process soap. I will email you directly to find out more about your recipe and to help troubleshoot!