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Thank goodness its heavy duty!

The definition of the mold on the soap is fantastic! it comes through with great detail. I am glad its heavy duty because boy did i have a hard time with getting it out of the mold! I did put it in the freezer for a little and it helped with 3 out of four, but i have freezered the last hoping it will pop out soon ;) Great mold!

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Lovely mold!

I love making these moon and stars! Each one turns out a bit differently and it's exciting to see what you've created once they pop out of the mold. I'm getting one more mold so that I can make more at one time. It takes a bit of time to follow the great directions on making the stars and the moon and clouds, but what a delight. My injector tool and scraping tool are a must-have. These sell out the day I make them! They smell heavenly!

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poor definition

This mold does not have deep enough impressions, so when you make soap, the soap impression is minimal at best. basically it is just a round bar of soap with a few bumps on it. I love this idea, but the mold needs some work. I don't think I will be using this mold again.

Reply from Bramble Berry
If you are working with cold process, I would recommend making a harder recipe. If you are making melt and pour, here is a great tutorial we did with it