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So disappointing

I purchased an 8oz bottle of this fragrance last year and the moment I opened the bottle I was like oh yes this is perfection! I made 2 batches of soap and a lotion literally made it to 1 show. Super excited I ordered a 16oz bottle last month with grand plans! Opening the bottle I should have known something was off. It smelt unbeliveably different. I read the comments about the reformulation and decided to still go for it and made a huge batch of soap last night. The ricing was so horrible I couldn't even stick blend it out and I hate the fragrance. I am sure the floral notes will still be appreciated by some customers but definitely not as much as the last version. While I understand reformulation was beyond your control at least be truthful about the changes in the actual smell. This is what disappointed me the most.

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So Girly, but not in a bad way!

I don't know why I held on to this one for so long before making a soap with it - but I loved the outcome! I did a 4 color circling swirl at hot temperatures with cold process and had no issues. Not to mention, it sold out immediately. I'm back for more!

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My favorite

This is my favorite scent from Bramble Berry. It's light, feminine and sweet. This is my go to when making products for myself.

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Lovely, soft fragrance

I had this fragrance lying around because I originally didn't like it oob. I used it in the back to basics hanger swirling recipe with a large water discount (33%) from the original. It did move faster, but I had plenty of time for a three color hanger swirl, and I'm a beginner. I think this fragrance would be wonderful in a lotion, a sugar scrub, or a body butter. I'll be ordering more.

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Better Than I Thought

I had this f.o. for awhile and couldn't figure out a soap design due to bad reviews. Also oob this soap just didn't do it for me, I just didn't like it, but I decided to try it anyway, what did I have to lose? I soaped cool at around 105, but to retard acceleration I added all my fragrance to equal parts warm oil like B.B. suggests. It soaped beautifully, mind you I only had one color though a gorgeous soft baby pink, almost translucent and I just accented the top with cherry blossoms. It turned out to be an exquisite soap and I am ordering more! The scent developed into a delicate, beautiful, soft floral that I can't stop smelling! I wish I could post a pic of my soap it really is quite stunning despite the potential A & D. My soap hasn't fully cured yet so not sure if the scent will stick, so far no discoloration, just a delicate little beauty!