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I went with this fragrance because i wanted to have a colorful summery looking bar with no discoloration. It did not discolor however my soap has been curing for six weeks now and the scent has completely faded away, not a trace of it. A shame because the bars are so pretty. Note: I used coconut oil, castor oil, avocado oil, canola oil & shea butter. And I always soap under 100 degrees.

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Smells great but accelerates

I really love this smell - it's a very light, fresh floral. The problem is that it rices and seizes, even with slow moving recipes and low temperature oils and lye water.

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Very Light on the fragrance

After trying several types of cherry blossoms this one is less sweet to me. It is more light and fresh. Will be buying it again. I didn't have any acceleration or ricing.

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I soooo wanted this to work!

I choose this fragrance after reading through so many of the fragrances listed on this site. It was for a large order and I wanted to make sure I didn't run into difficulties. The site claimed no ricing, and no acceleration. I had both in a major way. I was able to get two of the three loaves into the molds but it became too hard to even stir. I had to just mash the last one in. It became very hot and the top ended up cracking. I've used this recipe with other fragrance oils before and it was fine. (Olive/30, coconut/30, Palm/15, avocado/10, rice bran/10, and castor/5). Nothing fancy about the recipe which is why I didn't mind listing it. I am crushed with the results! Since there was no time for the design, it turned out looking very unappealing. Such a time and money waster. So upset! On the flip side, the ugly soap smells lovely.

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Nice scent, but not much staying power in CP

This has a nice scent, but be sure to use more FO than normal in a batch of CP soap. Also, the scent fades if you don't sell these soaps very quickly. I do like the fragrance, but don't plan to buy this one again. I would rather buy more Lilac FO, which has lasting power in CP.