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LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! Holds up beautifully in CP after cure, not trouble with it at all. Scent it to dies for! Bought a 2 oz size now reordering 16oz

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Awesome Fragrance!

I love this fragrance! It is wonderfully light - perfect for my kids and novelty lines. Used a whole 16 oz bottle during Christmas! I had to order a blood bag of it since I was going through it so fast. Definitely a customer favorite, and love love that it is water white FO so it is great for embed soaps. Thanks Brambleberry!

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It works great in cold process soap. I don't have any issues with it accelerating trace, letting me make lots of swirls and designs with it. The scent itself is very light, so make sure you use enough. Everyone loves this fragrance so be sure to get some! It will sell :D

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You have to really love sweet florals.

Before you say it 'why buy florals if you don't like them'.... I wanted to try one just to see. I thought it would have a hint of a fruity cherry smell mixed in with the flowery notes...maybe I used too much Cherry Lipgloss as a kid... I tried it in a goats milk soap and although it wasn't my bag personally, everyone I gave this to LOVED it. So voila. Recommend it for floral lovers.

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Smells Good, Feminine. Accelerated

It's too feminine for me, but my wife and daughters like this scent a lot. I don't think it smells particularly floral - more floral soap, if you know what I mean. It did cause acceleration for me. I had planned on a swirl, but when I added the fragrance at medium trace the batter VERY quickly became heavy trace. I was only able to plop spoonfuls. All that said, I am buying again for the next batch of soap for the girls.