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Customers Love It!

This is one of my personal favorites that I always have on hand for the Christmas season because customers love to buy it especially at that time of year. However, I also have some customers who buy it from me throughout the winter until it's gone! This is a scent that just smells like Christmas to me. Very unisex. I highly recommend it!

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Love this scent all year. It's a straight up pine and I love it!

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Erin, #SlateRoofStudio
Best Pine Fragrance

This was on back order last year and needless to say, I was "pining away" for it to come back. It's a best seller during the holidays and all year long. Very popular with the guys too. Behaves very well in CP soap.

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Definitely a pine scent! You don't need much to get a strong scent. It's not a favorite of mine so I mixed clean musk fragrance oil to mellow it.

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Homely Animal
Can it be true? Yes!!

In the olden days this fragrance had phthalates so I passed it by time after time but the new phthalate free reformulation gave me hope. I placed an order based on reviews and with a prayer in my heart waited for the package. I believed and it came true. This fragrance is not only a wonderful scent, but it also behaves like a sweet dream with no freaky anything happening to your batch while you soap. Ricing? Accelerating? Nope and nope. A little TD and my white was as white as white can be. Wondering if it’s too piney? Like a bad floor cleaner? This smell is a true wonderful walk in a coniferous forest (I’d know, my brother is a lumberjack). Trust me, the reviews are real, this fragrance is legit, and you won’t be sorry.