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I originally purchased this oil thinking it would be a perfect holiday scent in my goat milk lotion. I was right! Women and men have been purchasing it! It smells just like the piney woods of east Texas. The smell is longlasting, too.

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I am uncertain about this scent. To cut to the chase, after two days of "dry down" time on a perfume strip, this FO really did have the lovely smell of a fresh cut Christmas tree. A tang, fresh sweetness, that made me think of twinkling lights and glass christmas ornaments. However, this initial scent right out of the bottle, to me, could only be described as meaty. There was this initial blast of Christmas pine goodness, but the underlying odour was reminiscent of a baked pork chop. Oddly, this is the same impression that I get from rosemary oil, so I am not certain whether rosemary oil is a component of this FO. That meatiness dissipated completely when I checked on the perfume strip about two days later. If not for the meaty smell, I would rate this oil 4 or five stars.

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Too strong

No one liked this

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Works well in HP soap! Smells like Christmas!

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Christmas Forest

I use this one year around in my soap, although I call mine Woodland Splendor so it has a year around name. Great fragrance.