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Cathie H
My favorite!

My absolute favorite Christmas scent! You can also pair it with just a bit of clove leaf. I LOVE this scent! No problems in CP soap, no discoloring. Just smells like Christmas!

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Using In Candles

I have been using this fragrance in soy and palm wax candles this season. Burns well and has a good subtle frangrance throw that is not overpowering.

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Smells a lot like Christmas

If you are looking for a pine scent that stays true in CP soap making this is the one you need. I really love this scent and highly recommend to anyone looking for that Christmas Pine scent.

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Vicki Anne
Excellent Pine !!!

My requirements for a 5 star fragrance rating is that the fragrance is strong & has staying power in CP soap. This one has got it! !! And it is beautiful & realistic. 12-01-2014: my male customers really like this fragrance and comment on how wonderful the fragrance is in the shower. Thanks again BB.

So good!

Used this FO for the bottom part of my Chirstmas Cupcake bath fizzies recipe ( the top half is Christmas Spice FO with a dash of Applejack). MY BATHROOM NOW SMELLS LIKE A CHRISTMAS PARTY :D! This FO smells EXACTLY like a field full of blue spruce trees! No Pine-Sol here, just delicious, delicious Christmas tree scent. A little definitely goes a LONG way though. So good!