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Much Better than Other Clarys

I first tried ordering Clary from another supplier and that Clary honestly smelled just like artichokes. I'm not kidding. I thought, there is no way I can use this in anything. Then I tried Brambleberry's Clary and what a difference! It smells like an appealing soft sage, not at all medicinal, and not like artichokes. I'm amazed that the same oil can smell so differently between sources. I'll continue to order BB's American-sourced Clary.

Verified Purchase
My does not smell lovely

My typical distributor was sold out so I figured I would give Bramble a try thinking their EOs are reputable. My clary sage smells like no other clary sage I have ever smelled. I can use it, blends with my usual blends but not nearly as well as my main distributor. Disappointed and will most likely not order EOs from here again.

Kelsey from Bramble Berry replies...
Hi Corrie! I'm sorry you were disappointed in this oil. We love the Clary Sage Essential Oil, though our essential oils are 100% pure and uncut. That means they can be a bit strong and sometimes overwhelming out of the bottle. They are also thinner and sometimes more medicinal smelling due to their strength than other essential oils that are blended with a carrier oil. You may find you like them in cold process soap after a 4-6 week cure!

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Lovely fragrance

It took me forever to finally purchase this fragrance oil. Well, I finally did and I'm glad I did it, it was well worth the expense. I made a 5 lb. loaf, it is now cured pluse some, and the scent is heavenly. I'm keeping the entire loaf for me. Well, I did share with my daughters and gave samples to my sisters. My other customers wouldn't understand the $20.00 per bar I would charge them for, anyway, I really like the scent and wish I could afford to buy it again.

Verified Purchase

This scent is so sophisticated, it smells as expensive as it is and worth every penny. Great as a stand alone or a blender, although it feels criminal to blend such a lovely, classy and expensive scent. My clients love it, both men and women. I'm so hooked on this stuff. A little in my bath, in my soap, in my lotion, straight on my pulse for a natural perfume. It's delicious!

Very nice

This clary sage is really lovely. Smooth and just right. A wonderful and versatile blender. I used in a perfume I made, and it really mellowed it. This mixes well with many other things. It is pricey for soaps but fine for other uses.