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Wonderful spicy, earthy scent. Blends really well with orange scents. Be careful not to use this in high concentrations on the skin! I only use just enough to add the aroma.

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Love this in CP

What a wonderful scent! Blends well with other EOs and this time of year, mixed with cinnamon it makes for a wonderful spiced soap. I am reordering a larger size!

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A nice scent

I used this in my CP soap. I blended it with orange and cinnamon essential oils for a Christmas-y scented soap. The clove is a strong smell and it lasts. I had no problems with it and my soap turned out looking and smelling great.

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Wonderful & Strong!

I love this essential oil. It stays strong in CP, I made this in January and it is as strong as ever. I had no acceleration, ricing, or other problems. I mixed with Spearmint EO a great combination. My customers love this. I'm surprised at how many women love this. A must have for any line of soap.