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Great for Lotions

I received this FO as a sample. OOB it smells wonderful. It smells just as lovely in lotion. I haven't used it in CP so I can speak to its performance (yet) but hope to in the near future!

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In Love!!!

This is a customer favorite. Men and women alike. I use it in my lotions and perfumes. Thank you Thank you!!!

So strong

Coastal rain is an okay fragrance when used in wax melts or melt&pour. It has a very strong perfume/cologne base with light notes of rain and citrus. However, in cold process you lose the citrus/rain notes and only get a very strong perfume/cologne scent. Behaves well in cold process and wax melts.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Thanks for your review

Five stars!

I LOVE this fragrance oil! I received this as part of the Seascape FO sampler. Others have commented that this is a masculine scent, but I think it's a fabulous unisex fragrance. BB's description of the scent is spot-on -- the ocean mist and sea salt are perfectly balanced by both floral and musky notes. I used it in a batch that was naturally colored with kelp powder, and the combination of Coastal Rain & kelp was just perfect. Very well done, BrambleBerry!

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Good scent for men’s line....very strong masculine scent

I personally don’t like the smell at all. It smells just like men’s cologne. I was hoping to use in my facial scrubs but this is not a feminine fragrance.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
If you're looking for a more feminine rain scent you may prefer Amazon Lily & Rain Fragrance Oil or Kentish Rain Fragrance Oil.