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So strong

Coastal rain is an okay fragrance when used in wax melts or melt&pour. It has a very strong perfume/cologne base with light notes of rain and citrus. However, in cold process you lose the citrus/rain notes and only get a very strong perfume/cologne scent. Behaves well in cold process and wax melts.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
Thanks for your review

Five stars!

I LOVE this fragrance oil! I received this as part of the Seascape FO sampler. Others have commented that this is a masculine scent, but I think it's a fabulous unisex fragrance. BB's description of the scent is spot-on -- the ocean mist and sea salt are perfectly balanced by both floral and musky notes. I used it in a batch that was naturally colored with kelp powder, and the combination of Coastal Rain & kelp was just perfect. Very well done, BrambleBerry!

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Good scent for men’s line....very strong masculine scent

I personally don’t like the smell at all. It smells just like men’s cologne. I was hoping to use in my facial scrubs but this is not a feminine fragrance.

Tina from Bramble Berry replies...
If you're looking for a more feminine rain scent you may prefer Amazon Lily & Rain Fragrance Oil or Kentish Rain Fragrance Oil.

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Excactly how it’s described..

A wonderful scent I am making shampoo bars and this will be wonderful in my line of shampoos how it reacts to soap I can’t tell yet but this scent will put you right to the ocean very strong water scent with soft flowery undertones but the water scent is the strongest note just love it!