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Love this cocoa butter!!

I'm just sorry I bought only a pound! I wanted to try them out -- so easy to measure exactly what I needed into my CP soap batch. After cutting the loaf, I didn't notice any cocoa butter scent left at all, just the FO I'd used. The bars are beautiful! I may have to order more... ;)

Verified Purchase

I was reluctant at first due to the price, but I'm SOOO glad I tried it. It's been 90 plus outside in WV, but they arrived just as they were packaged and it smells SOOO good. The true test will come in a few weeks in the shower, but I know it will be great. I rubbed a cube onto my arms and my skin was so soft AND it smelled great!

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Worth the buy

First time purchasing from Brambleberry & I can honestly say I am one happy customer. I usually never make reviews on products, but the OG Cocoa Butter Cubes are definitely worth the review. I have yet to make them in Soap Making & I cannot wait til I finally make them, but from what I see & smell they look like they're great quality cubes. Unfortunately I live in the central valley where it was just under 100 degrees yesterday when my package arrived. The cubes were kind of soft & a little melted, but hey i'm not complaining. Just had to put it in the fridge for a bit & it harden right back up. Totally worth the buy & I fer sure will be purchasing more in the future.

The BEST cocoa butter!

This is the best cocoa butter I have ever tried. It is easy to melt and smells absolutely wonderful. I love how easy it is to portion without trying to break up a big block. I will definitely be buying more!

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The best!

I first ordered the cocoa butter pellets a few years back, and at the time i liked the ease of using them, but after doing some research I wanted just eh pure unrefined chunks of cocoa butter. I ordered this one and will never go back to the pellets ever again. I opened the bag and was hit with that lovelly chocolate scent which i never got from the pellets. It smelled like brownies! Then i broke off a small piece and tested it out on my arm and wow how I loved it. It is just the best cocoa butter. For a few bucks more you can have luxury. Can't wait to make my body butter with this!